22 October 2011

Skin rescue

It's officially the season I hate most...winter. The thing is though I don't actually mind it, I like layering up and buying big old grandad cardys and I LOVE Christmas! December is the best month ever!
However, as soon as it gets cold outside and the central heating goes on.....my skin can't hack it. It literally gives up on me.
I suffer from eczema and it's at its worst during the cold months, it's a lot better now than it used to be but it's just so annoying and irritating when it flares up...especially if I'm wearing fake tan. (PATCHY)
If I could have any wonderful surgery it would definitely be a bloody skin transplant, I officially hate mine!
I've always wanted to try Dermalogica's skin care products as I know they're meant to be good for dry or sensitive skin. So whilst I was at Gatwick doing some duty free shopping this summer I thought I might as well give it a try.
I bought the ultra calming range which came with a moisture spritz, a cleanser, a relief masque, some serum concentrate and barrier repair gel. (All seen in the picture).
I used the relief masque tonight as my skin was feeling a bit dull and flaky and I left it on for ten minutes before washing off. I then applied the serum concentrate and barrier repair gel. After this had sunk in I gave my face a good moisture blitz with the ultra calming mist.
My face felt soo much softer and looked really radiant! I want to keep using the products every day but I'm worried they'll run out soon and as the make is quite expensive (worth it!) I want to keep it as long as possible!
If you suffer from sensitive skin I definitely recommend giving Dermalogica a go. Yes it's pricey but in my opinion it's worth it. I just wish I could afford it more regularly!!!

21 October 2011

LONG day :(

So I had uni for 9 and a half hours today.....nightmare! the radio show didn't go too badly though tbh even though there were a few minor disasters.

My family are coming up to visit this weekend and they should be here soon! We're going out for dinner at the posh hotel they're staying at :) I can't wait.

They're also bringing the dog with them, I can't wait to see the big fluff ball :D

20 October 2011

Do blondes have more fun?

At the tender age of 3/4 I was a natural blonde...no really! Look!
But as I grew older this faded to a boring old mousy brown. Then at about 13 I got into using hair dye and I haven't looked back since! I've been dark brown, light brown, red, purple, nearly black, probably ginger and now at 20 years old I am back to blonde!

This is brunette me:

And this is blonde me:

I'm sure I'll go back to brown one day but for now I'm embracing the bleach ;)

19 October 2011

Two items....£75 WOOPS

But aren't they just simply gorgeous!!!!! Motel 'Winestone Gina Dress' £39.99 and 'Loud' black fashion bag £34.99

Can't wait til they arrive!!

Both purchased from ark clothing online.

17 October 2011

Put on your new shoes...bye bye blues!

Hello hello. I have been spectacularly awful at blogging lately, I'm very sorry. I keep wanting to blog but then think *gahhh* I'll have to take photos and I simply cannot be bothered!

I've been back at uni a few weeks now and during this time I've managed to buy a new formal dress, a checked shirt, a black grandad cardigan, brown faux-leather shorts, a beautiful green dress by 'Chelsea Girl' at River Island, some brogue-inspired flats, a pair of a-maaaazing platform heels and a floral dress.

Actually listing them out like that makes me realise I've been a bit naughty on the spending! woops!

But hoorah because at least I have a good-paying job to fund my shopping habit now :)

Here's my favourite buy because it's absolutely gorgeous and only £30!

And here's me wearing it   :)