30 December 2011

Minx Nail Wraps

I've been wanting to try nail wraps for a while but I never got round to buying any, but my lovely sister got me some for Christmas so it was the perfect chance to give them a go. 

They're fairly simple to do but you need quite a bit of patience as it took a fair bit of time, but I'm sure the more you do it the easier it becomes. They come on a sheet in sets of 10, 5 for hands and 5 for feet. I had to cut some down as they were a bit wide for my nails.

Peel off the correct transfer for your nail, heat it up slightly using a hairdryer and then carefully stick them to your nail being careful not to create any creases.

Fold the overlapping edge down over your nail and then file the excess transfer off (you have to be quite rough for this bit).

And theeeere you have it! Simples. This is how mine looked:

I'll let you know how long they last!

27 December 2011

Beauty Benefits...

I am a self-confessed Benefit addict. I love their products (but I love their packaging even more!) Whenever I see a Benefit counter, I am instantly drawn in. Unfortunately it is a bit pricey (worth it) so I can only treat myself occasionally aka at the airport in duty free, or I rely on Christmas and Birthday gifts!
This year, mum did not fail me. Santa kindly bought me their brand new mascara :)

I've tried it out for you to see and thought I might as well use my other fave Benefit products as well. Take a look:

My everyday essentials. Stay Don't Stray works as a concealer and primer, it's amazing!

My new mascara!


Eyes before the mascara...

...eyes after the mascara!

Lips before any gloss...

...lips after a bit of foxy lady ;)

The end. I know...my beauty ASTOUNDS you! ha! 

What I love about Benefit is even though I've applied quite a bit of make up, my face doesn't feel heavy or weighed down by it like other cosmetics can cause. 

Products used: Stay Don't Stray stay-put primer, Hello Flawless! powder cover up, Girl Meets Pearl liquid pearl, Big Beautiful Eyes eye contour kit, Ultra Shines Lipgloss in foxy lady, and They're Real! mascara.

26 December 2011

Festive nails

My DIY Christmas nails created with Models Own in Gold Rush and Nails Inc. in 41 South Molton Street

Hope you've all had a lovely few days :)

22 December 2011

love for leather

When leather dresses and skirts first started appearing this season I wasn't really a fan, but the trend has definitely grown on me and so I purchased this little number the other day:

Leather panel shift dress £45 River Island

Not sure when I'm gonna wear it...but I love it!

10 December 2011

dress binge

Right I've been a bit naughty, in the last 24 hours I've purchased four dresses! However, I've only actually paid for one...jelaous? ;)

Three have been bought for me as Christmas presents, but one of those I actually get to wear before the big day (perks of being a poor student and complaining about not being able to afford a dress for my work Christmas night out)!

Here's me in the two Topshop beauties I got today, can't show you the other two as they haven't arrived yet. I love them, hope you do too!

p.s ignore my horrible roots they're getting sorted out on Tuesday and ignore the lack of fake tan, I haven't had time lately!!! Forgive me.

4 December 2011

Tis the season to DAZZLE...continued

Ok so you may have seen my previous post about beautiful sparkly dresses and my picks of the season so far. WELL I have narrowed it down to 2 that I really like. The TFNC dress I have actually tried on and it looks a lot nicer in real life, the picture doesn't do it justice. The gold dress below is going to be a 'buy it and see' item. I really hope it looks how I imagine it to when I get it on! 

As soon as I get paid I'm buying both of these, one for my friends 21st birthdays in Essex bitch and one for New Years Day at the Warehouse Project in Manchester!!! Do you like?

Ark Clothing £39.99

TFNC £42

3 December 2011

Festive Spirit!

Like I promised, here's a couple of pictures of the sweet dish I bought at the market yesterday, isn't it cute!!!! The icing bit on top is a lid so you can put all your treats inside :)

The bottom pic is of the christmas cards I bought today, I can't wait to write them and send them off. Whilst writing this post I'm watching Deck the Halls, safe to say I'm feeling very festive now!

Can't wait to go home for the weekend on Thursday and see my family, it's been waaaaay too long. I'm also going christmas shopping not that I have much money left whoops, hurry up payday!
I hope you are all having a lovely December so far :)

2 December 2011


Check out my colour-changing candle by Glade. It's so clever I am amazed! I'm definitely in the christmas spirit tonight, I've been the the Christmas Market twice today and somehow spent £10 on pic'n'mix!!!

I also bought a cute Christmas pudding sweet dish which I will post a picture of tomorrow. I can't wait to have a proper lie in tomorrow and not having to wake up to an alarm, bring.it.on!

1 December 2011

cuddles with kitty

Meet Frank well, her real name is Frankie but no one calls her that these days, she's far more suited to Frank because she's a little critter!
She had to go in to hiding today (this actually means she spent a day getting spoilt rotten round one of our friends houses). Our landlord is doing viewings at our house and this little kitty is a secret that he cannot know about! So off she went for a day out.
Although she can be sooooo annoying, especially in the morning! I admit I did miss having her around and so I snatched her for cuddles when she came home :) isn't it a cute pic!