30 December 2012

We Love The Sales.

Grey Dropped Hem Dress, £17, Miss Selfridge.

It actually looks like I have boobs in this picture which makes a change! They're definitely not this big but I'll go with it. Got this dress as part of my successful sales shop on Oxford Street, it was only £17! I really like it, however it is really short- no bending down allowed. I managed to get quite a lot in the sales, I was chuffed as normally everything is either crap or not in my size. Need to make space in my wardrobe now though so hello eBay...

29 December 2012

Christmas: Instagrammed.

It's exactly what it says on the tin I'm afraid...a collection of my Christmas photos Instagrammed for you all to have a gander :) Only another WHOLE year to wait for the next one. Hmph.
Nell's First Christmas!/ Christmas Day Starter/ Presents/ MAC Brushes/ Marc Jacobs Perfume/ New Parka/ Liberty's Decorations/ LDN Shopping Outfit/ London Palladium To See Scrooge.

Absolutely gutted to be going back to work on Wednesday, I hate being grown up! Hope you've all had a lovely Christmas!

28 December 2012

Confused Seasons.

I was supposed to do this post a week ago but ya knoooww, a little thing called Christmas got in the way. I absolutely love these shorts, granted they are probably meant to be worn in the summer not a disgustingly cold December night but I wore a long sleeved top so that makes it ok yes? The shorts are from ASOS Marketplace but the original website is here. If you haven't explored the Marketplace yet then DO IT, so many customised clothes that are ridiculously expensive elsewhere...and super quick delivery!
Basics Top, £10, Topshop. Vintage Levi Shorts, £19.99, ASOS Marketplace. Watch, Michael Kors. Rings, Topshop. Boots, £19.99, eBay. Bag, £12.99, New Look.

26 December 2012

Christmas 2012.

Another Christmas Day has been and gone :( they 100% go faster when you get older. Can I also add that today's TV has been considerably better than yesterdays...How To Train Your Dragon and Up! Are on later awww yeaaah! Anyways, here's some photos of my Christmas which was so special because it was Nell's first one and she was adorable! She's in an elf suit for God sake!

Already mastered how to open presents at 6 months!

Basics Crop Top, £10, Topshop. Tartan Skirt, £15, Topshop. Socks, Amercian Apparel. Shoes, £20, eBay.

Hope you all had lovely days! We're going to London tomorrow to see Scrooge and hopefully get some bargains in the sale, and then I have to go to work Friday...BOOO :( 

14 December 2012

The Christmas Tag.

1. What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
EVERYTHING! I am the total opposite of a scrooge. I'm all for Christmas adverts in September...start them early I say! Obviously I love getting presents but I love everything else equally as much. For example, just being at home watching films, seeing family, eating AMAZING food and seeing everyone on nights out during the holidays.

2. What is your favourite makeup look for the festive season?
Red lips and metallic eyes.

3. Real of fake tree?
R E A L!!! (never had a fake one, never will)

4. Giving or receiving presents?
Hmmmm, I tend to know most of the presents I get because I tell people exactly what I want to avoid disappointment. So opening them isn't that exciting, it's just nice to be able to have them after I've known they've been in my house for weeks! I do get little surprises as well and I love opening them, but I suppose I prefer giving to see the look on people's faces if I've done a good job!

5. Do you open your presents in the morning or evening?
We normally open a few in the morning but try to save as many as possible for the evening so Christmas lasts as long as it can!

6. Handmade or bought Christmas cards?
I'm not really fussed on cards, like at all. One from card factory will do.

7. What is your favourite Christmas film?
This is the hardest question ever! If there's a Christmas film on TV, I'll watch it. Even if it's years old and ridiculously awful, I'll still watch it. The Holiday is fast becoming one of my favourite festive films, and obviously Love Actually has to be on the list! I also love the Polar Express, Elf and Home Alone 1&2.

8. What is your favourite Christmas food!
Christmas Dinner...winner! I also love brandy snaps, biscuits and cheese and yule log :)

11 December 2012

Christmas Gift Guide 2012.

These are such cute gift ideas all at reasonable prices, I especially love the iPhone cases and the mushroom cup...it keeps your tea warm! I want to buy all these things and give them to myself! Is that allowed? 

9 December 2012

Clothes Show Live 2012.

So yesterday me and Lois went to the Clothes Show in Birmingham on behalf of our company, Lauren's Way. I've always wanted to check it out as everyone talks about it each year but I've never really had the chance before. So when we got offered 2 free tickets we snapped them up and instantly starting researching what celebrities would be there! (I was dying to meet love of my life Jamie Laing but so did about 103848203093 other obsessed teenage girls, so unfortunately I missed him. Saddest moment EVER. But I'm over it....nearly).

Anyway...I knew the event would be big but I mean...it is BIG. The NEC in itself is a huge venue and then the Clothes Show was split into like 3 different halls which were all massive! There was so much going on and so much to see that you definitely need a good day there to do everything. 

We were really busy with Lauren's Way but I did manage to buy a really cute dress from Oh My Love which I'll post about in the next couple of weeks. 

It was a really good day and I'm glad that I can say I've experience the Clothes Show now, but I was absolutely shattered when I finally got home at 9pm! Here's some pictures from the day:

 Me and Lois with our stand.
 Pink glitter lips (doesn't show up too well, but they were amazing!)
Our products on show.
 Catwalk show.
 Amy Childs in a really gorgeous dress (but she ruined it by wearing a bling dog collar thing)
 Us and the boss!
Lauren with the LW team.

6 December 2012

Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick

This new lipstick from Max Factor claims to give you 'visibly moisturised lips and gorgeous looking colour' with their breakthrough Elixir complex. I wasn't really interested in the fact it was a new product though, I was just looking for a rich coloured lipstick as my beloved Dior one is getting lower and lower :( 

At only £7.99 this was a bargain and I thought if it's rubbish at least I haven't spent that much, but actually it's completely the opposite! I wanted to do a post on it because I really have been impressed with the amazing colour and the wearability of it. It doesn't just rub off after an hour or so, the colour sort of stains your lips so even if it fades a bit it still looks like you have lipstick on. 

I got shade #853 which is 'chilli' and I love it! I carry it in my bag every day and it's my go-to lip colour now. For such a reasonable price I'm really happy I got it and will definitely will be getting some more colours in the range. If you're looking for a new lippy I highly recommend! 

Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick, £7.99.

3 December 2012

December Cosiness

December Cosiness

December Cosiness by franleanne featuring leather loafers

The weather has definitely changed recently and waiting for trains in the freezing cold is not the one. I thought I'd put this together to show you what styles I'm liking this month. I'm so into parka coats it's getting a bit silly, every time someone walks past me wearing one I instantly want to know where it's from. Luckily, I have got my own but have to wait until Christmas to wear it. (rubbish, who's idea was that?!) I absolutely adore the Martin Margiela black coat in the bottom right, obviously cannot afford the price tag though so if anyone's seen any cheap alternatives please let me know! 

I've made a few changes to my blog because I was getting a bit bored and I wanted it to look a bit more pretty and professional, so hopefully it does a little bit! I'm really enjoying my new job now, feels like I've been there much longer than I have and I get to go to the Clothes Show Live this weekend to represent our brand...but more importantly do some celeb spotting! I've never been before so I'm really excited. Any of you going?!

2 December 2012

Week In Photos #8

Not many photos this week as I've been really busy. Went to Camden on Tuesday for the first time for a few drinks, should've probably taken a few photos of that actually...buut I forgot (got drunk). It's a quirky little place though, I want to go back in the summer! Also went to Westfield in Stratford City on Thursday. It is huge! So big that it has two train stations and I got lost :( Good shops though, if I had money it would be dangerous! Other than that I've been working and mostly being cold! Happy December everyone! Best month of the year! 
New sofas/ Christmas Candle/ Westfield/ Nell/ Grumpy Ralph/ Advent Calendar! 

24 November 2012

My Week At LOOK Magazine.

So this week I've been doing my dream job and working at LOOK Magazine in Central London. I was working with the online team putting together picture galleries, features, LOOK loves articles and celeb fashion stories. It was so good to be part of that environment and I was gutted to be leaving, but I'm booked back in for February and I'm hoping (praying) I get to go back sooner!

These were my outfits for the week and a little insight into the LOOK HQ. 

Back to my new job on Monday though so making the most of relaxing this weekend.

18 November 2012

Christmas Wish List (if money was no object).

Even if I unwrapped one of these things on Christmas Day I'd be over the moon! What are on your luxury budget wish lists?

17 November 2012

Wardrobe Update.

I cannot explain how much I love this dress. The style, the pattern, the material, the fit, the price....I am in actual love. I saw it a few weeks ago and liked it but couldn't afford to get it, luckily my mum took pity on me and bought it for me today (she's a gooden). Definitely going to be wearing this a work to lot and probably any excuse out of work as well! 

I also got a new bag, but again didn't actually have to use my own money as I had vouchers that have been in my purse for like 10 months. I'm a lover of a big bag, can't be faffing around with little things that don't fit my massive purse in, so this one was perrrrfect in colour and size, and I even had some money left afterwards. You know it's a successful shop when you don't spend a penny of your own money!! 

Silk Dress: £24.99, H&M.

Brown Holdall: £39, Accessorize.

First week of working in London went really well despite wanting to kill myself every time my 6.30 alarm went off. Commuting is a chore- especially the fight for seats on the fast train. I can't be dealing with that at 7.45am! Howeverrrrr, everyone at work is lovely and I feel like I've been there longer than a week already. Hopefully I can get used to the commuting and enjoy exploring London a bit more. Ciao for now!

13 November 2012

Week In Photos #7.

Last week I enjoyed my last few days of unemployment by seeing family, friends and having massive lie ins as I'll officially be one of those 'THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY' people soon. I started my new job today as a social media intern for Lauren's Way. If you're unsure what this is, it's the company run by Lauren Goodger and by the sounds of things I'm gonna be very busy!

Cannot get enough of the fact I have a job in London, but one day in and I already hate commuting!! Hopefully the new year will bring me a London postcode :) 

Nell Just Hangin'/ Unusually Alright Hair/ Galz/ Wrapped Up/ Fireworks/ Me and Nell/ Honeycomb Hot Chocolate/ Our New Mirror/ Saturday Night.

11 November 2012

Motel Rocks.

I wore this to London a couple of weeks ago, it was in the Motel sale down from £48 to £25 and I love playsuits so I felt the need to get it. It's really nice for a daytime outfit and I like the cut out detail at the back, I do always forget how much of a pain playsuits are when you need a wee though!!! Cheers to American Apparel for the use of their mirrors too....

Playsuit, Motel: £25.

Hope you've all had good weekends!

6 November 2012

Disco Fever.

Right, I will admit that when the disco pant craze first came to light I was not a fan. But like most fashion trends I jumped on the badwagon and had to get myself a pair. If I was going to invest then I wanted the real deal...hello American Apparel (and when I say I invested..I mean my mother). I absolutely love them, they're so comfy and surprisingly warm!

Disco Pants, £74.99: American Apparel. Jumper, £14: Primark.

Next item on the fashion badwagon list: a parker coat with PU sleeves!!