25 February 2012

Happy Saturday!

Aztec print leggings £18 River Island, Black tank £8 Topshop, Bottle Green Hoodie £19.99 Ark Clothing, Rose Gold Watch £239 Michael Kors.

23 February 2012

Missguided wish list

I've blogged about this website before...I really do love it. They have great clothes at very reasonable prices! Here's what's got me excited:

(Left to Right) Jeannie Candy Striped Blouse: £21.99, Helda Studded Slipper Shoes in Black: £23.99, Tira Flat Cut Stone Rine: £6.99, Panzy Monochrome Striped Hotpants: £12.99, Samantha Long Sleeved Midi Dress: £14.99, Cindy T Bar Super High Wedges in Brown: £35.99

These are just a few of my favourites, I'm definitely buying the brown wedges as I'm in need of some new going out shoes and they're under £40! (Little hint...if you 'like' the Missguided page on Facebook you get 10% off your order!!!)

20 February 2012


I would just like to take this time to apologise for being so awful at blogging recently. I've had so much on! But I promise you there'll be plenty of posts towards the end of this week. forgive me x

12 February 2012

Happy Birthday to me!!!

I turned 21 on Tuesday and it was the best birthday I've ever had! Even though I had to go to to work I had the loveliest day and was spoilt rotten. Here's some photos for you:

Happy Birthday!

My best Lincoln ladies...Tash and Amy :)

The Lincoln gang

Lucky me!

My BEAUTIFUL Michael Kors rose gold watch!

Original Ray Ban Wayfarers

Nice new nails and Pandora ring

Manchester night 1

Manchester night 2....blondies!


AWFUL food!

And now it's all over! :(

5 February 2012

Winter skin miracle!

Aren't you lucky, I'm doing another post for you this evening! This one is beauty-based.

If you've read my previous posts you will have seen me moaning about my skin...it comes under the dry/sensitive category and in winter, as you can imagine, it is a pain. I'm forever buying creams that claim to 'moisturise', 'nourish' or 'replenish' skin, but they rarely deliver.

However, I am excited to tell you I may have found a winning product! It's called Eucerin Aquaphor Soothing Skin Balm, £8.50 available from Boots.

As the name suggests, it's a very thick balm which you can apply as little or as liberally as you like. It's quite greasy in consistency and I wouldn't recommend putting it on before your make up. However, I apply it all over my face before bed and when I wake up my skin feels amazing! It's soft and smooth, and I'm shocked that after the freezing weekend we've had, my skin hasn't felt dry or irritable at all.

It's like a protective barrier, and I am giving it 9/10 so far....I would give it 10 but I need to see if it continues working. If it does, I will be forever buying it!!!

Enjoying the outdoors

My family came up to visit this weekend as it's my birthday on Tuesday. They came bearing bags of goodies, and mum bought me a Marks and Spencer cake! All of which I have to wait a WHOLE day and a bit for! I feel like I'm going to be 12 not 21!

I'm sure those of you in England have experienced the freezing temperatures this weekend, and saw the snow! Well my family bought the dog up with them so naturally we had to brace the cold to walk him. It did give me a good photo opportunity though....so enjoy :)

Photos taken at Heartsholme Country Park, Lincoln.

Safe to say I'm feeling pretty low now they've gone home :( I've had a lovely weekend. Looking forward to the week ahead though...lots of birthday outings!

1 February 2012

Thank you!

Ok, so earlier today I found out I had been awarded this:

So a big thank you to Jen for giving it to me, you should all check out her blog!

Now, the rules state I need to write seven 'random facts' about myself and give 15 other bloggers the award. I don't know if these are that random, because if you follow my blog you probably already know them! But here goes...

  1. I love cheese. Could eat blocks of the stuff! Extra mature cheddar is the one.
  2. Beyonce is my idol. I am in awe of her. I love all of her music, literally every.single.song.
  3. I am an aspiring journalist and I genuinely would love a job where I get to shmooze with celebs.
  4. I enjoy my nights out just as much as I enjoy my cosy, lazy nights in.
  5. I hate being cold.
  6. I hate my sensitive dry skin and would love to find that one single cream which cures my problems.
  7. And finally.......I love my mum more than anything on the entire planet. I have no idea where I would be without her, she is my rock.
Hmm, so they weren't that random really, but they'll do! Ok next up, my favourite 15 'versitile' bloggers...

  1. Cold Knees Simple layout, great photos and a variety of shots and content.
  2. Daisy Butter Great fashion sense, lovely posts, similar tastes to mine.
  3. Milk Bubble Tea I love this blog so much! It's style, her photos, her writing. I just love it!
  4. Two Grazed Knees Only started following this one recently, but it's addictive.
  5. Dotty Dolly Adore her style, simple and effective blog.
  6. Farewell To The Fairground Lovely girl, very detailed posts and going through similar experiences to me!
  7. Scattered Sequin Style Again, lovely girl and similar to mine.
  8. Music And Mollie Makes a change from the normal fashion blogs, great posts.
  9. Sadler Hannah This girl's got it spot on. Simplistic yet fantastically branded. Love it.
  10. Lucyy Writes Very detailed beauty posts, gets you wanted to buy the products!
  11. Lily Loves Lola I always find myself on this blog, great variety of posts.
  12. Dandylion Again, something a bit different and interesting.
  13. Arabellba Only found this one recently and love it! Such a good blog.
  14. Uglily Great range of posts, interesting to look at and read.
  15. I Dream About Clothes And lastly, this one. (Not that these were in any order!) Very in-depth fashion posts!!
Get following people!

Thursday night fun

Sooo, last Thursday was the first time I've been out since coming back to uni after Christmas! (that's what having a job and being in final year does to your social life)

A couple of my friends from home came up, it was nice to see them and for them to meet my uni friends as well. Here's all the girls:

I'm on the far right. I've got a few compliments on this outfit which made a change for me because I never wear dresses or skirts below the knee for a night out!!! The striped shirt is from Topshop and pencil skirt is from Internacional and was fairly cheap! Both items can be found in previous posts on my blog if you're interested in prices.

P.s It's February! One of my favourite months, not just because it's my birthday in 6 days but it's quite a few of my friends birthdays too, so lots of celebrating is to be had! I'm looking forward to it, and expect some more outfit posts soon!