28 March 2012

It's all-white

Got ready a bit too early this morning, so had time to dress pretty and take pictures. Here's what I wore for a sunny day!

24 March 2012

Time to get your summer wardrobe started!

How cute are these mint green skinnies?! This sun shine has got me loving summer clothes, and pastels are definitely key for S/S '12. Here's a summer outfit to get you in the mood for a wardrobe update!

Petite Mint Green Skinny Jean £32, ASOS.

Native Print Crop Vest £16, Topshop.

Pink Large Leather Tote Bag, £65 River Island.

Beige Caged Wedges £50, River Island.

21 March 2012

Spring has Sprung

I woke up to the sun beaming through my blinds, and although my alarm was going off at half 8, I was surprisingly happy about being awake. I got to wear a summery dress and crack out the sunglasses and as I walked to uni with Beyonce blaring in my ears, life was good! 
Here's a picture of the lake me and my boyfriend walked to this afternoon...doesn't it look beautiful!

I can't wait for May 4th when all my uni work has been handed in and I can enjoy days like these to the max. Roll on summer :)

20 March 2012

Bikini Babes

It's the first day of spring and the sun has been beaming all day which has got me incredibly excited for summer. Although I'm slowly dying under uni work I managed to spare five minutes to browse some websites and I stumbled across some cute swimwear!

Ibiza Frill Bandeau Bikini. Top £22, Bottoms £12, Boux Avenue.

Red Stripe Gathered Bikini. £30, Topshop.

Blue Print 3D Petal Bikini. Top £17, Bottoms £10, River Island.

16 March 2012

Siren fm no more!

So today was the last CityVibe that we'll ever produce! After three years of radio news days it feels sooo strange to never have one again!

Me and Tash presented, and after forcing all our friends and family members into tuning in, we made a pact to make our presenting seamless! We also arranged interviews prior to today, I phoned Neil from the Nomad Trust as he was involved in a new local project.

It's called the Sheridan House Project and helps ex servicemen and women to get back to civilian life, as (little did I realise) sometimes when they leave the armed forces they end up living rough and struggle to cope with everyday life.

I'm hoping to visit the 'move on' housing over the next week to take photos and videos so I can turn the story into an online piece.

Ok so back to the show, me and Tash made sure we made the menu early on in the day and we tried to go through scripts and re-word things to suit us, but this sometimes proved difficult with the running order not being in place and people not finishing their stories until later on. This is what's sometimes hard with group work as I like to be organised and get my pieces sorted out sooner rather than later, and not everyone shares this ethic!

When it came to 5pm I was a little nervous! Being our last show I wanted everything to go right, and we were pretty much on our own with the only tutor being Les, and he was in the other studio listening. So if anything went wrong it was all down to the editor and BA's.

It was all going smoothly but around half way through we had a couple of technical difficulties (so annoying). However, we handled it well, Tash filled when we lost a package without having to let the audience know anything had gone wrong, and a piece of audio that didn't work we managed to play later in the show.

We ended bang on time and I think I presented confidently and enthusiastically. I would've liked to present more as I think it's one of my stronger qualities but I'm glad I got to do it on our very last show.

Although the 9-half 6 days have been approached with dread in most weeks, looking back I have learnt a lot and I think my confidence and interviewing skills have grown tremendously. Now, when I'm given a story I'm straight on the phone trying to arrange interviews and if one way fails, I find a way around it and won't give up.

It has not put me off radio in the slightest and I'm really excited for my placement at Capital FM in May!!!

13 March 2012

Spring Wish list

I stupidly decided to give up buying new clothes for lent. This was in the hope that it would save me some money and stop me from being tempted to go out during March.
It is in actual fact not saving me money because I buy more food now instead, and I'm still tempted to go out because I've got clothes from previous months I haven't even worn yet!!!!!
In hindsight, this wasn't the best idea....but I've been good so far! And just because I can't buy doesn't mean I can't look! So here's what I'm buying as soon as Easter is good and gone!

Petite Speckle Tee Mini, £25, Topshop

MOTO Bleach Leigh Jeans, £38, Topshop
Zena Dress, £28, Motel

Go Blonder!

Ok so in the summer I took the dive into the world of blonde. I gradually got lighter and lighter and now I can't imagine myself with dark hair! The only problem to beautiful (dyed) blonde hair is the dreaded roots. I hate girls who have awful roots, so I therefore get a bit self conscious when I start seeing brown growth at the top of my head and am straight on the phone to the hairdressers!

However ladies....I have found an actual miracle! No joke....John Freida Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Lightning Spray is a Godsend.

It's £6.99 for a 100ml bottle, but I've had mine over a month and there's still about half left. 

I'm on the right hand side of this picture, and although it isn't a close up you can see that my roots are only a shade darker than the rest of my hair, and this is over six weeks since it was last dyed. Usually by this time my hair would be crying out for a touch up.

If I sound like I'm praising this product, well...I am! It's amazing and it works. So at just under £7 it's well worth it if you need to hold off that hair appointment for a few more weeks. 10/10!!

11 March 2012

Siren fm

I've been studying Journalism at Lincoln Uni for three years now, and I have to say radio has remained my favourite module throughout. In first year going out to vox pop people in the street was terrifying, now...I don't even think twice about it.

I've always been a pretty outgoing and confident person and this course has emphasised that. Although there's been aspects of the course I've really not liked (or seen much point in), I have enjoyed it and it hasn't put me off a career in journalism...in fact it's cemented my ambitions.

This year, we were able to put our skills as broadcast journalists really to the test. Every other Friday we produce a one hour news show called 'CityVibe @ 5' on our local community station Siren FM.

We swap roles every show so we all get a chance at the different responsibilities involved.

I was editor for our first live show (scary)! I was quite worried about it beforehand because you are essentially responsible for the whole show when it is on air. However, I strangely enjoyed it. I kept checking up on everyone throughout the day so I knew if there were any problems. I created a running order and time slots for everyone's packages. You really have to keep your eye on the clock when you're editor because if something overruns or doesn't play, you need to make executive decisions there and then. I didn't mind the role and could've happily done it again.

On our second show I joined up with Tash to create a long package about bonfire and fireworks night. We spoke to Lincolnshire Police, Lincolnshire Fire and Safety, Lincolnshire Showground and Lincolnshire RSPCA. I enjoyed making this package as we got to go out and about to talk to the interviewees. It was interesting as we covered the subject with a range of angles. I feel myself and Tash work well together because we're focused on getting the job done and making it different, that's why I liked the outcome of this piece.

I covered two roles in our third show by contributing a story for the LSJ website and covered a story on a campaign called 'Reach the Children'. This interview was recorded on the wednesday before our show and I particularly enjoyed taking this on as the two women I spoke to were doing interviews all morning with radio stations across the UK, so I was really pleased I got the opportunity to interview them for Siren.

One of my favourite shows (although I spent most of the day freezing for it) was the Christmas show. I covered the Christmas Market and spoke to a range of people working on the various stalls. I thought I would try and make it a bit more original and interesting by really getting involved in what was going on. I got to try cheese (worth standing in the cold for), experiment with some home made hand cream and interviewed stall owners, some of which had travelled miles for the event. I received good feedback about my interviewing techniques and I agree that I have got much more confident and ask slightly different and more challenging questions now than I would have done before.

For our next show I was a reporter again and worked on a story about an offshore windfarm in Skegness. I spoke to the Regional Media Officer for National Grid conducted an interview with the chairman of Lincolnshire County Council Environmental Scrutiny Commission. Although this wasn't the most exciting of topics to cover, I think I researched the story well and could therefore write an informed voice piece to go before the interview.

The next show was also one of my favourites as I was entertainment reporter. I love all things showbiz and celebrity so this role was perfect for me. I got vox pops about people's favourite 'feel good' songs to go alongside the story about Queen- Don't Stop Me Now being voted the East Midlands favourite. I structured the format into a 'top 5' biggest stories because Radio 1 do this as I think it works really well.

Next up I was bulletin editor. I was quite worried about taking this on as it's quite a large role for one person. You have to deal with local and national news of the day, decide on the news agenda, alter the stories for each bulletin and make clips appropriate for the news from other people's audio. Although it was fairly challenging, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I enjoyed reading the news live on air and didn't stumble over complicated names! I think I've definitely improved by using a strong, authoritative voice for news whereas before I would use the same tone as I use in packages or light-hearted pieces.

Last week I had quite a sensitive topic. I dealt with the news story that babies born after 37 weeks can still have the same health problems as premature babies. I spoke to someone involved in the new study, a local lady who had set up her own charity after having a premature baby and a spokesperson from the premature baby charity, Bliss. I was really happy with the range of people I spoke to about this but unfortunately none of the interviews were in-quality. The only one that could have been was the lady from the local charity but she was working and could only spare ten minutes. Despite this, I still think the package was powerful and I was pleased with the result.

Next week is our final show...I can't believe it. Me and Tash will be presenting so make sure you listen online, or if you live in Lincolnshire...tune in to 107.3. I'll keep you posted on how it went. 

3 March 2012

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation

I've finally got round to buying a new foundation. I had been using Hello Flawless cover up powder by Benefit but I prefer liquid products for better coverage. I wanted to the new Rimmel Wake Me Up but unfortunately it was out of stock so I tried this instead:

It's £6.99 and is described as:
"A foundation that is sweat, heat, humidity & transfer proof for up to a full 25 hrs. The revolutionary formula, complete with a revitalizing mineral complex and moisturising aqua primer, helps to reenergise overworked skin and feels hydrating all day."

I'm not sure I agree that it lasts 25 hours, but it does give great coverage and doesn't dry my skin out. The consistency's not too thick and the primer acts as a good base for other make up. At just under £7, it's a good little buy! 

1 March 2012

The power of eBay

If you read my Misguided post, you will have seen the beautiful tan wedges that were on my wish list. However, they were £35.99 from that website (which I was prepared to pay as I love them). My friend pointed out that they sell the exact same style on eBay. I didn't really believe her, but I was shocked to find she was right! I found the very same pair on the auction site for just £19.99....three days later and they were in my hands!

They're pretty high, but because they're wedges they're super comfy. At just under £20 I love them more than I did before! So....definitely check out trusty old eBay if you're on the look-out for some bargain heels.