31 May 2012

Hairy decisions....

So last summer I finally took the leap to the bright side and went blonde. I did it gradually and kept getting lighter and lighter and have been platinum blonde for about 8 months now. I really love it but want to tone it down a bit as I sometimes feel it looks a bit yellow, and no one likes that. Here's a few blonde beauties that I may take inspiration from:

Ashley Olsen.
Ugh, the Olsen twins always looks fabulous and I love the relaxed LA tresses in this picture, I like the way it's lighter at the bottom but I'm not sure it would work on my short hair. 
Gwyneth Paltrow.
Another American stunner who always gets it right. Polka straight and dead in center, suits her to the ground!
Jennifer Aniston.
When does she ever look bad?? She's the ultimate blonde crush and I'm quite liking the tone of her hair here.
Lauren Conrad.
Although she's a bit of a style guru in America, I'm not as familiar with her as other stars but I must say I love the colour of these curls. It's still blonde but it's subtle and sun-kissed, I may give it a whirl.

30 May 2012

Hat trick

I've had this grey midi dress from Topshop since Easter but not had a chance to wear it. Today thanks to the sunshine though I got to finally take the label off :)

And even better, my hat arrived! I've been wanting a black bowler for months but I have such a pea head that none of them have fitted properly. Luckily I found this beauty on eBay for under a tenner! I love it!


29 May 2012

Curls and Converse...

These photos were taken a while ago but I kept forgetting to upload them. I'm in love with my blazer from Republic. I teamed it here with a black vest top, wet look leggings and converses. 


23 May 2012

The sun finally has his hat on...

FINALLY after weeks of grey skies and drizzly weather, the sun is out and it is glorious! I can't believe it's basically doubled in temperature! Unfortunately I can't enjoy it as much as I'd like as I'm doing the 9-5 this week at Capital FM in Nottingham. I'm loving it though, commercial radio is really cool and quite laid back! On my first day I got to meet JLS...not bad ay!

Anyway, I've been able to nosy around the shops during my lunch and two shops have really caught my eye. Zara and Ark. Below are a few of my favourite items....maybe I'll treat myself on Friday...

Glamorous Blue & Pink Unity Shorts, £24.99, Ark Clothing.
Hearts & Bows Pink Cordelia Skirt, £21.99, Ark Clothing.
Graffic Navy Disco Leggings, £22.99, Ark Clothing. (A blatant copy of American Apparel 'Disco Pants' which sell for £70!
Hearts & Bows Purple Lady Lake Dress, £24.99, Ark Clothing.
Jersey Blazer, £49.99, Zara.
Dress with frill at the waist, £69.99, Zara.
Fantasy mini skirt, £29.99, Zara.
Wooden wedge heel shoe with straps, £69.99, Zara.

Hope you all enjoy the sunshine, I'm off to a press conference with a boxer soon....shame I know nothing about sport!


13 May 2012


Standard student room!

Oh hiiii! So, the novelty of having no work to do might be wearing off...I've watched so many films in the last week! I'm looking forward to going home tomorrow even if it is to have dreaded root canal :(
Had a walk around Lincoln today, I'm trying not to drive everywhere. Made me sort of reflective, I've moaned about living here for 3 years and soon I'll be leaving for good. Strange feeling.
Hope you're all well bloggers!


9 May 2012

I'm back!

God I haven't blogged in ages. I'm really sorry, it was the last few weeks of uni and they were madness, I died about three times due to stress. But it's all over now...I am a free lady!!

I've relished in this freedom by going out lots, sleeping lots and watching loads of films in bed.

I also treated myself to a bit of shopping, here's my new buys:

Dress: Primark, £8, Boots: Internacional, £20, Bag: Miss Selfridge, £35, Belt: Topshop, Necklace: Accessorize.
Bag: Miss Selfridge, Shoes: Topshop, Satin Underwear Set: La Senza, Lace Underwear Set: Boux Avenue, Black Leather Shorts: Topshop, Aztec Nail Wraps: Topshop, Silky Blazer: Republic, Striped Blazer: Bank.

Loving both my blazers, I did go in search of a black bowler hat but no luck so I might have to browse online for one instead.