27 July 2012

Week In Photos #2

I haven't blogged properly in aaaaages but I've been a busy bee! In a matter of hours I'm leaving for Heathrow to start my travels in the US...excited doesn't cover it! So lately I've mostly been seeing friends and family and making the most of the heatwave.
New Vans/ Night Out/ Sunny Maidstone/ 
Shopping Outfit/ Hythe Beach/ Tanning/
Meal With The Girls/ Mexican Feast/ Smiley Nell.

I won't be able to blog until I'm back from my trip but they'll be a lot of photos....so be warned! See you on the flip side!!!!

17 July 2012

Picnic in the park.

I've forgotten what true heat feels like. It's July and I'm wearing my winter clothes, it is utterly depressing. Despite the weather though, we decided to go for a picnic last week come rain or shine. And thankfully...it shone! We went to Kearsney Abbey with a huge amount of food...we sat, we ate and we did many a rain-dance.

Jacket, Ark Clothing. Top, Topshop. Shorts, Miss Selfridge. Boots, New Look.

Only 11 more days of English weather left because then I'm flying to LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently America is going through a big heat wave at the moment...this is more than fine with me!

11 July 2012

Clothes Swap.

What do you do when you're going out at the weekend and you're bored of everything in your wardrobe but too poor to buy anything new and pretty? 
This: Go on your friends Facebook page and stalk her tagged photos looking for clothes you want to borrow. She does the same on yours and viola...a technically 'new' outfit that you've never worn before! Saving you both £££s but still keeping you looking good ;)

See...look how happy I am that I have a new outfit for free! This is Kat's Topshop dress teamed with her tan belt and my eBay tan wedges. 

And this is Kat in my Misguided striped shirt and her own denim hotpants.

Terms and Conditions: Do not ruin said borrowed clothes, if you spill alcohol/tan on them it is your duty to offer to clean them, do not wear if you are not the correct size of said clothes, if you have a one night stand- do not leave them at the lucky boy's house...most importantly- always return said clothes to their rightful owner! 

If an individual fails to abide by these simple rules, it is within your rights to terminate the friendship. Tough but fair.

8 July 2012

Week In Photos #1.

So I noticed it's a pretty common thing for bloggers to do a week in photos post, but I haven't really done one properly yet. So I decided to snap my week for you all to see :)
Legoland key rings, My university Degree!, Nandos, Interview outfit, Union jack nails, Beach with Lizzie, Beautiful beach at home, Lunch by the canal, Pre drinks with Dan.

Jeeze looking back on these makes it seem like this week has flown by! I also booked my trip to America on Thursday. I'm leaving the UK on July 28th and returning August 21st. I'm travelling from LA to New York with Trek America, visiting so many places along the way I literally can...not...WAIT!!!!

Hope you've all had a lovely week x

6 July 2012

Ankle Grazers.

So if you read my post a couple of weeks back you will know how much I was obsessing over these foral ankle grazers. They turned out to be a bit of a mission to get as I needed them in petite and they were sold out online! In the end my wonderful best friend managed to get them from London for me. So they are now mine and I love them! I wore them to an interview in Bristol on Wednesday with a new blazer and a plain white peplum top. The interview went really well, I'm hoping the outfit gets me the job!!!

Floral Ankle Grazers, £40 Topshop. Pink Blazer, £35 River Island. Black Top, Topshop Sale. Necklace, New Look. Watch, Michael Kors.

Been a bit of a hectic week as usual. Got my degree results on Monday, I got a 2:1...which is really good and I am pleased with it but I was pretty upset about it at first. Don't get me wrong, for all those who have also got a 2:1, it's fantastic. But I know how much work I put in this year, compared to others who I know put in half as much yet still came out with the same result. I suppose that's life and it's always the way but I've always had my heart set on a first and it would have just made all the hard work worth it.

But at the end of the day, I know how much I did and it's your personality and determination that'll get you through life...not a number! I've got so much varied experience which I got all off my own back and I've made the most of every opportunity I've been given. I know I will succeed in life, because I have no other option! So I know I will get to where I want to be, I'll just have to carry on working hard.  But university has been an unforgettable experience and I'm so glad I went, I've made amazing friends and have amazing memories and can't wait to graduate in September.

For all other final year students, I hope you all got what you wanted, and best of luck for your futures!