30 September 2012

Look Beauty Kits.

Now then beauty fans, you may or may not know that the UK's best selling fashion weekly has its own beauty range out....but it does! The beauty team at Look have been working together to produce a range of glamorous, fun and affordable items to make you 'look good and feel better' with a donation of every product going to the cancer support charity. 

The latest product to hit Superdrug shelves is their 'Brow Perfect Kit' which I went in search for on Saturday. Unfortunately my local store didn't have it in stock yet so instead I decided to try one of their 'Look Books' in Metallic Smoulder.

The Look Book!

What comes with the kit: Brown kohl eyeliner, double ended eyeshadow brush, volumising mascara and a trio of bronze eyeshadows.
Before: Just foundation and bronzer.
After step 1 and 2: Brown eyeliner on top and underneath eyes and sweeping eyeshadow on lids.

After steps 4 and 5: All 3 eyeshadows used and finished off with mascara.

Close Up: Amazing colours.

What do you think then? I love the colours and think I've achieved the 'Metallic Smoulder' I was after. I really love the eyeliner and mascara and think all these products for £12 is a bargain. I can tell I'll get great use out of the eyeshadows, and if I ever run out of a colour I can stock up easily as Look sell loads of individual shades.

I'm pleasantly surprised with the results and really do want to test out the Brow Perfect Kit next because I think it could rival the Benefit set I currently use.

If you are yet to try Look's beauty range I hope this post persuades you to give it go so we can all look good....feel better :)

29 September 2012

Week In Photos #4.

I never manage to do this post in time...again these photos are a little overdue as most are from last week. I've sort of mixed last week and this week into one (and it's still not that exciting!)
Reunion Night Out In Sheffield/ Curry Night At Emma's/ Now Is Good...(amazing film but sooo sad)/ Graduation Photos Arrived...pride of place in the living room now/ Finished Reading Room, Would Recommend To Everyone/ Enchiladas At Chiquitos/ Posing With Nell/ Oscar The Barn Own/ Cheeky Nell.

28 September 2012

Primark Haul.

Had a little trip to Primark yesterday as I've realised I've got no nice thick cardigans in my wardrobe. I also got a couple of pairs of wooly tights now that it's getting colder, and a long sleeved blouse which was only a fiver in the sale!

Cream Grandad Cardigan, £12.

 Dandelion Blouse, £5.

I think the blouse was in the sale because it was summer stock, but I think it's colours are perfect for autumn- I'll be wearing it a lot this season. Also, considering the cardigan was pretty cheap it's actually really comfortable and feels a lot more expensive. Might invest in a few more! This weekend is all about nice food and watching films ready for a busy week of doing jury service starting Monday :/

Hope you all have a lovely weekend :)

25 September 2012

It's A Hat Trick.

Winter is fast approaching and I'm getting the growing urge for a cute bobbly hat. These are my top five picks:

Chunky Cable Fur Trim Beanie, £15, Accessorize. 

Cream and Pink Aztec Print Beanie, £12, River Island.

Cupcake Pom Beanie (I think I'm in love!!!), £12, Asos.

Fairisle Hat, £14, Topshop.

Miso Neon Mouse Hat, £10, Republic.

How cute are they?!!

22 September 2012

Trek America #3.

How typical is it that we escape to the USA for a bit of warmth and sunshine and on the first few days (and later on in our trip) we're followed by thunder storms!! The first night of camping was a bit damp and not all that fun but luckily the next stop had a bunker we could all stay in for $10 per person. When asked if we were willing to pay it, it was a resounding yes....clearly not camping lovers despite signing up to a camping trip! The owners cooked us a lovely meal and made us the best chocolate brownies I have ever tasted....ever!

Steak and wine..we're happy!

I look awful...but I don't care because that brownie was amazing!

After a pretty random stay in Utah we headed to the Gran Canyon! As we approached the view point we all had to close our eyes and hold hands so we didn't see anything until we were right at the edge. On the count of 3 we all opened them at the same time and I genuinely almost cried! It was one of the most breathtaking things I have ever seen. The pictures don't do it justice, it really is astonishing. And if that wasn't enough some of us got to go on a helicopter tour over it! Firstly, flying in a helicopter.....how cool?! And secondly, flying over the Gran Canyon...THE Gran Canyon...unbelievable! It was an unforgettable experience, and just writing about it takes me right back to that moment. God I wish I was still there!!

My very first views of the Gran Can.


Yeeeah check me out!

Helicopter crew :)

20 September 2012

Autumn Picks.

There's certainly been a chill in the air these past few days despite the sun still being on display, and the nights are drawing in thick and fast! Thankfully, the British high street is providing us with cosy knits and stylish leather to keep us looking good and feeling warm. (I'm seriously impressed with River Island AW'12 collection!) Here's a few of my picks from some of my favourite shops:

Dark Green Belted Playsuit, £40, River Island.

Flecked Cotton Jumper, £29.99, Mango.

Studded Collar Biker, £69, Miss Selfridge.

Jainy Leather Contrast Trench Coat, £48.99, Missguided.

Jacquard Neppy Tee, £15, Topshop.

Metal Capped Heels, £24.99, H&M.

Vera Moda Burgundy & Black Culture Knit, £21.99, Ark.

I've already bought a new leather jacket but I'm also desperate for a new season parka and trench coat. There's so many different styles around I just can't choose! What are you eyeing up this Autumn?

17 September 2012

MeadowHAUL (see what I did there?!).

Can I firstly get a round of applause for my witty post title?! Don't pretend you don't love it..unless you've never heard of Meadowhall and in that case it won't be funny at all. Well Meadowhall is a shopping centre in Sheffield and whilst waiting for friends on Friday, I had a wander round the shops and even though I really shouldn't be spending money- I ended up buying a few nice things :) wooooops.

Can I now get a second round of applause for this being my 100th post? That doesn't really feel like a lot but I love the fact that people do actually come on this thing and sometimes leave lovely comments. So thank you :)

Anyway, the new items:

Skinny Jeans: £45, Warehouse. Cross T-Shirt, Missguided. 

Fur Collar Jacket: £58, Topshop.

Boots: £30, Garage Shoes.

I'm not normally that fussed on proper denim jeans but I absolutely fell in love with this pair. The colour and fit are perfect (but be warned...they are very tight-fitting. I had to get a size up!) I've wanted a pair of Jeffery Campbell style Lita's for months now and I finally decided on this pair because they will go with most outfits. 

Ok, no more spending money on new things now. I promise....

16 September 2012

Week In Photos #3.

This is actually a week overdue but I kept forgetting to upload it. Looking outside at the grey skies and impending winter weather, it's hard to believe this time last week I'd spent a day on the beach in the boiling sun! Unfortunately the late heatwave only lasted a few days but I like to think I made the most of it. Now for chunky cardigans and gorgeous coats (speaking of which I may have bought a new leather jacket this weekend....post to follow!) If you are back at school/uni I'm jealous. Life as a graduate S U C K S!
Nell's new bib/ Kisses with Marmie/ Night out/ Graduation/ Graduation 2/ Sunbathing in September/ Amaze pudding/ Folkestone Beach/ Sunday cocktails.

8 September 2012


Haven't taken any outfit posts in a while...firstly because I haven't been here and secondly because it's a bit of a faff. But I had some spare time yesterday so I took some in the garden whilst the sun was here. I think Marmie quite enjoys it when I do this as he's in nearly every shot! 

White Peplum Top, Topshop. Black Bandeau Dress (worn as a skirt), Topshop. Studded Boots, New Look.

Sunglasses, Prada.

Necklace, Tiffany.

Hope you've all been enjoying the sunshine, I certainly have. Beach, cocktails, fajitas and films are on the agenda for tomorrow! :D