30 October 2012

I'm In LOOK Magazine!

Don't you just love it when you're in Asda casually flicking through one of your favourite magazines and then BAM, you see your ugly mug on one of the feature pages?! Weeelll, that's what happened to me this morning!

I'm in this weeks LOOK Magazine as part of a feature about unique ways of applying for jobs. I actually applied for a job at Look using a cover letter in the style of a celeb interview, and I sent in a YouTube video of 10 reasons why I wanted it. They loved the video and I was called in for an interview.

Although I didn't have enough experience for that particular role, I was offered the rare opportunity of going to do some work experience with them and really get a feel for how Look works. I'm going up there in a few weeks and taking with me lots of ideas, enthusiasm and hard work. I'm so excited to get going and I'm really hoping something positive comes from my time there.

If you haven't already picked up your copy of Look this week, then I suggest you do because you might think of a new way to apply for a job that could change your life!

27 October 2012

Week In Photos #6.

Oh haii lovely people. I've been so ill this week, got my annual sickness bug so couldn't eat for 4 days :( 
All better now though, and surprisingly enjoying this cold weather. I unashamedly watched my first Christmas film this week (don't say anything, it's totally allowed) and I loved every second of it. In my opinion November is pointless, so can we just skip straight through to December please?!! 

Anywhooo, here's some pictures of what I've been up to lately:

Finally got a nose ring!/ Cute Marmie/ Nell offering me a yellow ball...thanks/ Topshop kitty bracelet/ Chiquitos!/ First mince pie/ Before Hospitality/ Hospitality Kent/ Me and Emma.

Going to London on Wednesday, I'm so excited. We've got tickets to see Shrek the musical...I did really want to see Matilda but they were sold out all week :(. Shrek has had awesome reviews though and I like the films so I'm looking forward to it! Will hopefully have some new Primark and Forever 21 goodies to show you upon my return.

18 October 2012

Topshop Haul.

Saw lots of lovely things in the Topshop sale this week. If I had the money I would've loved to buy some gorgeous summer clothes to keep for next year but I gave in to temptation and bought a full price skirt which I've been eyeing up for a couple of weeks. I did also get some sale goodies in the form of much needed jewellery!

Half price earrings, cat bracelet, earring cuff.
How cute?!

Going to Hospitality on Saturday with a Miss Emma Hobbs, can't wait for a messy night out. It doesn't finish until 6am....am I getting too old for this?! Have a lovely weekend everyoneee :)

15 October 2012

Week In Photos #5.

One again this post isn't really a week in photos because I always forget to upload it! So it's more 'two weeks in photos'. Haven't done anything exciting but have just completed my first stint on jury service! It was interesting to see the workings of the law and to be part of the jury, but there was soo much waiting around and half the time I was trying to stop myself falling asleep! There was a nice mirror in the loos though so I took full advantage of this and took some outfit posts haha.

Checkered Shirt OOTD/ Visiting Ralph/ Liam Me and Chris/ Me and Tash/ My Saturday Night Without False Lashes!/ Striped Dress and Scarf OOTD/ Everyone at Tash's Leaving Party/ Stripes and Chunky Knit OOTD/ Ralph's 13th Birthday :)

Who else is beside themselves with excitement at the return of MIC tonight?! I for one cannot wait for Mr. Jamie Laing to be on my screen again...actual love.of.my.LIFE! There's new cast members and surprisingly Spencer's still in it even though he took part in The Bachelor earlier this year. Can't wait to see what's been happening in Chelsea, roll on 10pm!

13 October 2012

Jumper Binge.

This is another Primark post primarily because that's the only place I can afford to shop in at the minute! However, I always love their winter clothes because they do the job and look nice at the same time. Yesterday I picked up this plain black chunky knit along with a multicoloured jumper, and they're both super comfy.

Chunky Black Knit, £8.

Multicoloured Knit, £14.

I teamed the black jumper with my patterned waterfall hem skirt, and put the multicoloured number with my wet looks. Think I'll be getting a lot of wear out of both of these this season!

7 October 2012

Saturday Sequins.

Sooo this weekend I went to Bedford to say farewell to one of my best friends Tash who's LEAVING ME for a whole YEAR to go travelling...how selfish of her! I am very jealous, she's going to have an amazing time so it was only right to give her a good send off. (It was messy) Anywhoooo, this was my outfit and I really like it if I do say so myself!

Jacket: Topshop, Top: Forever 21, Necklace: Dorothy Perkins, Skirt: Express, Boots: Garage Shoes.

Cannot wait to go to sleep tonight! Hope you've all had a good weekend :)

3 October 2012

MAC Viva Glam Lipstick.

Ok. Confession time. Until around one month ago I was in fact...a Mac virgin. Yep, really. I'd never purchased any products from the range despite it being so well-known and loved. I'm not sure why I hadn't...I love the vibrancy of their eyeshadows and lipsticks but personally find their foundation to be a bit too thick for my liking. 

Anyway, when we were in New York we visited the Mac store (in Times Square baby!) and I couldn't leave empty handed. I bought this lipstick and one of their new mineralize eyeshadows which I'll show you another time. 

MAC Viva Glam in 'Nicki'

As you can see, it's as bright as it looks!
Ta-da! (Do I look like Nicki Minaj now?)

I'm really impressed with the colour and the coverage and definitely think I'll be adding to my MAC lipstick range :)