24 November 2012

My Week At LOOK Magazine.

So this week I've been doing my dream job and working at LOOK Magazine in Central London. I was working with the online team putting together picture galleries, features, LOOK loves articles and celeb fashion stories. It was so good to be part of that environment and I was gutted to be leaving, but I'm booked back in for February and I'm hoping (praying) I get to go back sooner!

These were my outfits for the week and a little insight into the LOOK HQ. 

Back to my new job on Monday though so making the most of relaxing this weekend.

18 November 2012

Christmas Wish List (if money was no object).

Even if I unwrapped one of these things on Christmas Day I'd be over the moon! What are on your luxury budget wish lists?

17 November 2012

Wardrobe Update.

I cannot explain how much I love this dress. The style, the pattern, the material, the fit, the price....I am in actual love. I saw it a few weeks ago and liked it but couldn't afford to get it, luckily my mum took pity on me and bought it for me today (she's a gooden). Definitely going to be wearing this a work to lot and probably any excuse out of work as well! 

I also got a new bag, but again didn't actually have to use my own money as I had vouchers that have been in my purse for like 10 months. I'm a lover of a big bag, can't be faffing around with little things that don't fit my massive purse in, so this one was perrrrfect in colour and size, and I even had some money left afterwards. You know it's a successful shop when you don't spend a penny of your own money!! 

Silk Dress: £24.99, H&M.

Brown Holdall: £39, Accessorize.

First week of working in London went really well despite wanting to kill myself every time my 6.30 alarm went off. Commuting is a chore- especially the fight for seats on the fast train. I can't be dealing with that at 7.45am! Howeverrrrr, everyone at work is lovely and I feel like I've been there longer than a week already. Hopefully I can get used to the commuting and enjoy exploring London a bit more. Ciao for now!

13 November 2012

Week In Photos #7.

Last week I enjoyed my last few days of unemployment by seeing family, friends and having massive lie ins as I'll officially be one of those 'THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY' people soon. I started my new job today as a social media intern for Lauren's Way. If you're unsure what this is, it's the company run by Lauren Goodger and by the sounds of things I'm gonna be very busy!

Cannot get enough of the fact I have a job in London, but one day in and I already hate commuting!! Hopefully the new year will bring me a London postcode :) 

Nell Just Hangin'/ Unusually Alright Hair/ Galz/ Wrapped Up/ Fireworks/ Me and Nell/ Honeycomb Hot Chocolate/ Our New Mirror/ Saturday Night.

11 November 2012

Motel Rocks.

I wore this to London a couple of weeks ago, it was in the Motel sale down from £48 to £25 and I love playsuits so I felt the need to get it. It's really nice for a daytime outfit and I like the cut out detail at the back, I do always forget how much of a pain playsuits are when you need a wee though!!! Cheers to American Apparel for the use of their mirrors too....

Playsuit, Motel: £25.

Hope you've all had good weekends!

6 November 2012

Disco Fever.

Right, I will admit that when the disco pant craze first came to light I was not a fan. But like most fashion trends I jumped on the badwagon and had to get myself a pair. If I was going to invest then I wanted the real deal...hello American Apparel (and when I say I invested..I mean my mother). I absolutely love them, they're so comfy and surprisingly warm!

Disco Pants, £74.99: American Apparel. Jumper, £14: Primark.

Next item on the fashion badwagon list: a parker coat with PU sleeves!!

4 November 2012

Lovely London!

Seems ages ago now, but on Wednesday me mum and my brother had a little day trip to London for some shopping and to see Shrek in the West End. I'd anticipated spending a lot of money because I know what I'm like and I give in easily to temptation! I knew I wanted some American Apparel disco pants but I thought I'd have to wait until Christmas, luckily my mum bought them for me as a treat (she's a gooden). I'm too scared to wear them though because they're so nice I don't want to ruin them!

I didn't actually end up spending that much, I got a jumper from Primark, a wooly hat and some new ankle boots which I only paid a fiver for because I had a voucher :) so all in all, not bad! I'll show you my new buys in another post.
REAL Disco Pants/ The New Primark (I wasn't that impressed)/ Hamleys!/ Royal Opera House/ Dinner In Covent Garden/ Theatre Royal/ Inside The Theatre/ Shrek Stage/ Regent Street.

It was such a lovely day, I really do love London soooo much!