23 December 2013

Top Ten Winter Knits.

Top 10 winter sweaters

A sweatshirt comes in very handy if you're living in the UK doesn't it? Let's face it, the ones you pick out in winter you'll most likely still be wearing in the spring. So it pays to get a good selection! 

These are 10 of my favourite style of sweaters from A/W'13.

I love anything with a bit of wildlife on it....tigers/zebras/polar bears on jumpers- I'm all over it. I find Zara normally has a good selection of these. Primark's copy of the Bambi jumper by Givenchy is almost spot on...save those pennies people. I became a bit obsessed with floral jumpers this winter, they're good for extra warmth in an English spring too- more bang for your buck! And I'm not sure why I've left this off, but I've been living in my black eyelash knit sweater from New Look. It can be styled with anything and is proper comfy...perfect!

I'm yet to buy myself a full on festive jumper. This year there was definitely more than ever but I feel like I'd only wear it Christmas Day. Unless we had a Christmas jumper day at work, I'd much rather go with that than ever wear a onesie....

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas! I'm going home tomorrow and then on holiday Friday so I won't be blogging for a while...here's the the New Year! 

16 December 2013

Week In Photos #18

It's been a week of festivities watching Christmas films, getting presents bought, drinking mulled wine and ice skating whilst tipsy. This weekend my sister came to visit with my niece, it's been about six weeks since I saw them last so I was really looking forward to it. Nell's changed so much she's a proper little madam now- and acts like one too! One week tomorrow and I get to travel back to Kent! Looking forward to Christmas Eve drinks and seeing some of my favourite people. Can't get enough of December- love it!
Christmas Market/ Ice Skating/ Gorgeous Sunrise/ Nell Inspecting Our Tree/ Winter Scene/ Wine Fridays/ Cosy Room/ Love her/ Little Madam.

11 December 2013

Christmas Wishes.

I actually can't believe it'll be Christmas Day in two weeks, I know it's so cliche to say how fast time's going but I feel like I don't even know what's happened in the last few weeks. I'm really looking forward to a couple of chilled days at home before I jet off to Thailand.

I haven't really had time to think about holiday but when I pack next week I think it will set in that I'm off to the sunshine! I've never been away at this time of year before to anywhere exotic, the worst thing is going to be coming back the UK in the middle of January when I bet it'll have started snowing. I hope it doesn't snows so much that I have to stay in Thailand...that would be a real shame.
Christmas, By Fran Leanne

Because I'm old and poor now I have to ask for things I need rather than what I'd like for Christmas, hence why this wish list is just that! I'm determined to include a Prada bag on every wish list I write in life until I unwrap one!! I also really love the Cath Kidston DAB radio and Topshop dressing gown. What's on your wish lists?

7 December 2013

Week In Photos #17

We're barely in December, but in the space of a week I already have two events lined up for summer: We Are Festival and Hideout 2014!!! Both line ups look incredible already, and there's plenty of time for even more acts to be announced. SO excited! 

Can't help thinking sunny thoughts considering I'm off to Thailand in less than three weeks, but I'm still excited about Christmas. Started my shopping today and nearly got everyone's presents sorted...I can't wait to see my niece open her things this year. She's 18 months old now so will definitely know what's going on. 18 days to go
Christmas on Carnaby St./ Sunday roast/ Flat festivities/ Holiday arrivals/ Blogging/ New hair/ Uni reunion/ Dinner party pudding/ Nell :) 

27 November 2013

Layer Up.

Wooooooooooooooo we have internet in the flat! Hallelujah praise the Lord! I can actually start blogging again now, and I'll start with two of my favourite new buys:
 Black Fluffy Jumper, £22.99, New Look.
Tartan Dress, £17, Primark.

Month in to my new job now and really loving it, moving up here is up there with my top 3 life decisions I reckon. Excited to see my Lincoln people and getting Christmassy this weekend :) Probably need to start thinking about Christmas shopping too!!

24 November 2013

Week In Photos #16

Only 2 more days until we get WiFi in the flat....I can't believe we've coped this long without it. You realise how essential a wifi connection is to life in 2013 I tell you! This week I discovered West Bridgford which is about 5 minutes from where we live, it's so cute and has little cafes, bistros and bars. The Christmas lights got switched on yesterday so it looks all festive now. Feeling much more settled up here now and can't believe how close we are to Christmas! Not ready, at...all.

Friday drinks/ Beautiful River Trent/ eBay boots/ Ellie the work puppy/ Me and Amber/ Pre work posing.

5 November 2013


I didn't dress up or do anything for Halloween last year so for some reason felt like I had to really go for it this year. (Not sure if dressing up is still ok when you're no longer a student?) Anyway, we embraced it and considering I'm pretty shit at artsy farsty stuff I think I did my skeleton make up alright! It was a good way to celebrate my first proper weekend in Nottingham and was lovely to have a big group of my friends up here together. Some people do Halloween make up so well, Instagram was full of amazing face paint last week!
Skeleton outfit courtesy of Emma, face paint from eBay.

4 November 2013

Week In Photos #15

This is a bit overdue but sums up my last week in Kent...food, drinks and friends! I've only been living in Nottingham just over a week but it feels much more than that. Settling in to my new job and so far love it! Love our flat as well, still getting used to having my own place and the fact is has a swimming pool downstairs! Living like a king, but with no money. Sweeeeet.  

Leaving Dinner/ June Bug/ Sunrise/ Last Day At Work/ Me and Emma/ Primark Tartan/ Standard Mirror/ Packing/ Moving In Cards :)

19 October 2013

Warehouse Project.

T-Shirt £17.99, Zara. Skort, £4.99 eBay.

Tonight I'm home alone watching X Factor and packing my life away, but last week I was already drunk in Manchester getting ready for Warehouse Project. If you've never been, you really should. Quite a lot of the events are sold out now but there's still some dates available! It's been given a pretty bad name because of dodgy drugs being sold which I think is a shame because it's a really good venue and the DJs playing up until New Years Day are unreal. Don't think I'm going to get the chance to go again before it closes but I definitely need to go more than once next year!

17 October 2013

Week In Photos #14

Misty Monday/ The Tartan's Back Out/ Favourite Nail Polish atm/ First Good Luck Card For Big Move!/ Prezzo Goodness/ WHP Manchester/ Flatmates!/ WHP Manchester/ Pretty sky.

Haven't done one of these in aaaaaages, they're a pretty good reminder of my week actually. Warehouse Project was SO good can I just say...Bondax and Rudimental were tip top, definitely worth the trip up. ONE MORE WEEK AT WORK BEFORE THE BIG MOVE ooooeeeeee, that means this weekend = packing my life into bags and boxes! :( Little bit sad but also can't BLOOMIN' wait now! 

6 October 2013

A/W Update.

I've worn last season's black ankle boots almost down to the ground so it was time for some new ones. Although I was after a pair of heeled chelsea boots, I saw these and thought they were really cute. They're really good value for money and I can see them lasting until Spring (hopefully). I've also been lusting over a pair of leather trousers since last winter and I've finally got some! These pair from River Island fit perfectly and are perfect for daytime or evening wear. I also tried on an amazing jacket from H&M but unfortunately they didn't have my size so I had to order online, can't wait for it to arrive...I'm a bit obsessed with it.

Ankle Boots: £32.99, Dorothy Perkins.
Graphic Print Sweat: £29.99, Studded Tee: £17.99, both Zara. 
Leather Trousers: £35, River Island.

5 October 2013

Oh October.

Oh October.

I've been sooooo good at blogging lately that I completely skipped September. Whoops! But I'm going to make up for it by putting some much needed new outfit posts on here because I've got some lovely clothes to show off!

Although I should be sad that it's October and wet and stormy and miserable...I'm actually in the best mood ever because I found out this week I will be moving to Nottingham! I went for a job interview the day after I got back from Ibiza (don't ever do this...worst idea!) and although I had to hold down my sick throughout it, I must've done something right as I was offered the position- so I move out of Kent 3 weeks today into (hopefully) one of the nicest apartments I've ever seen!!!

My wardrobe needs an autumn/winter update so I bought a few pieces today, which I'll upload in a separate post so you can see them properly, but I was really disappointed as the main reason I went into town was to get this amazing tartan dress from River Island, which they didn't have in-store boo. (If any of my friends are reading this btw, if you dare get this dress I will fucking murder you- It's MINE) I'm a bit obsessed with ankle boots at the minute too, I bought a really nice pair from Dorothy Perkins today but I've seen so many I want! I've noticed Timberlands are clearly back in fashion and I actually really like them...should've hung on to my baby pink pair from year 8 (or not).

Have a lovely weekend!

26 August 2013

Bank Holiday Sun.

Necklace: New Look, Cami: Topshop, Skort: eBay, Shoes: Garage Shoes.

Sooo happy I didn't shell out £45 for the real deal, this eBay Zara dupe was only a fiver! Despite the fact it reminds me of a nappy I actually really like it, although not sure I'll get much wear out of it until next summer now that September is fast approaching! Also, the next bank holiday isn't until Christmas now...NOOO! :(

Had a lovely weekend seeing friends I met last year and spent this afternoon in the sun enjoying 'Kentish cream tea' how very British of me. 

6 August 2013

All For August

All For August

All For August by franleanne featuring vans shoes

This post is very rainbow-coloured. I didn't plan it like that, I think it's because now Ibiza is booked I am in full-on holiday mode. Been wanting to go to there for so long, September 19th can't come soon enough as far as I'm concerned! 

I spied these black Steve Madden shoes on ASOS this week and think they'd be perfect for Autumn/Winter, at £50 though they'll have to wait until my September payday if they're still around! I'm also loving the River Island aztec crop top which would look good with the cut-out bikini bottoms, but for a night out on the White Isle I'd want to wear it with a pair of high waisted knicker shorts.

I'm becoming a fan of slogan t-shirts again because I think they're quite easy to dress up, I've ordered an eBay version of the Zara skort so I'm hoping to find a good t-shirt to wear with them if they ever arrive!

10 July 2013

One for the LADS...

Can I firstly clarify that I am not a raging feminist, I don’t have a chip on my shoulder and I don’t hate the entire male generation (just 99% of them). However, I’m pretty fed up of men getting away with treating women like utter shite.

I am 22, I do not wish to find the love of my life right now and a serious relationship is probably number 101 on my top 100 things to have. Obviously I do want to settle down one day, but flirting with everyone and everything and not feeling guilty about it is pretty good I must admit. So why is it boys still assume that all girls want is a boyfriend? It’s 2013 for Christ sake, the fact women are still getting called slags for having a one night stand (or ten) is ridiculous! I mean, if you’re known as the town bike and never shut your legs, that’s a different story. But how in this day and age is it socially acceptable for guys to be cheered on for completely using women and we can’t do the same?!

I say we need a revolution. You shouldn’t be ashamed of wanting to have a rich and varied sex life…you only live once so fuck it! Have a few tequilas, get a taxi to a guy’s house and do the walk of ‘shame’ with a grin on your face! I’m pretty much encouraging everyone to go out and shag each other here aren’t I? But one thing I’m not condoning is using people. This goes for girls as well as boys, but let’s face it I’m 100% aiming this at men.

I have returned to my man-hating ways once more and it’s sad that at the ripe old age of 22 I’ve discovered there really aren’t many that are worth my time. Like I said, I’m not looking for a boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want some respect. Boys: just because you’re seeing someone casually, maybe you’ve got a no strings attached situation going on…it doesn’t mean you should just pick them up and drop them when it suits you. Be a fucking grown up about it, you obviously both like each other a bit to want to spend time together so how about just being honest with each other? I’m all for the notion of saying ‘Right, we’re not getting married. I don’t want to see you more than twice a week, I don’t care about meeting your family but it’s nice to have someone to text and accompany me for dinner so how about we try being nice to each other, don’t fuck around with other people and if we get bored, have a clean break and move on.’ If people can’t last more than a few weeks of being honest with each other and not playing mind games then there’s something seriously wrong with the human race.

Men: sort it out.

There’s a lot of nice girls out there for you. They don’t want you to commit, they just want you to not be a prick :)

8 July 2013

Hello Heatwave.

Ohhhh em gee how hot has it been lately?! I spent the whole weekend outside and loved it, actually had to force myself to drive into work this morning and not to the beach :(
It's meant to stay nice for a while though which means it'll be hot for Wireless on Friday...so excited! Only 3 more days of the week before my weekend starts again, wish I always had Fridays off! Thought I should take advantage of the weather this evening and show off my new sunglasses, they're a bit garish but I love them and they were a bargain!

Black Floral Sunnies: £9.99, ASOS Marketplace.

Ralph was loving the photo shoot, poser!

2 July 2013

Jump Into July.

Jump Into July.

This is one of my favourite wish lists to date I think...it sums up exactly how I want my July to look like! I've already bought a choker pendant necklace from eBay, but it's from Hong Kong so will be here in approximately 5 years probably. I love the Barry M Gelly polishes because they look so shiny when they're on and don't chip too badly, I already have the Greenberry shade but definitely want some more colours from the range.

Now here's an item to divide shoppers everywhere: The Skort. When this idea came about I thought it was ridiculous, especially on the mens catwalks at Fashion Week, but I've seen a few girls wearing the Zara statement and it actually looks really nice! So I think I've been won over plus I love the coral version.

In the space of two days I've gone from having a weekend of no plans next week to now going to Wireless on Friday and potentially Wimbledon on Sunday! I have absolutely no idea what to wear to Wireless but obviously planning your outfit is a big dilema so I've been scouring ASOS Marketplace and eBay today looking for inspiration. It's meant to get into the 30s next week so I'm hoping it'll be hot, hot, hot by Friday and I can get a tan whilst getting slowly drunk and watching Justin Timberlake...perfection!

25 June 2013

Black White & Gold.

I swear I haven't left it as long as I normally do to get my hair done but MAN my roots look bad. Don't worry, they'll be gone by Saturday lunchtime thank goodness. 

Thought I'd do a little outfit post from the weekend....nothing special, couple of new things from my shopping trip last weekend including my bargain H&M heels and Miss Selfridge sale jewellery. I stupidly didn't eat dinner before I went out drinking Saturday night, so safe to say I was a nightmare and then had to deal with the hangover from hell all Sunday...I couldn't even eat my roast dinner- UNHEARD of for me! Top tip...never skip dinner before a bottle of wine ladies!

 Wedges: £15, H&M. Sheer Cami: £18, Topshop. Disco Pants: £74, AA.

9 June 2013

Just June.

June Bug

June Bug by franleanne featuring long sleeve tops

Festival season is upon us party people! Already insanely jealous of people who went to We Are Festival and Parklife in the last couple of weeks and they both had amazing weather for it! I hope this trend continues because I'm seriously considering Zoo Festival for the August Bank Holiday and good weather always makes a festival ten times better.

I sort of struggled putting together this month's wish list- which is a rarity! I've just not been that inspired by online stores recently. I think it's because I'm in full-on summer mode thinking of festivals and holidays so all I really want to buy are ripped shorts, colourful bodies and fringed accessories. I really love the Aqua Zara bag and Polkadot Shirt and am definitely on the look out for some oval sunglasses for this summer!

I also really want a new watch that I can wear out because I have a new strap for my Michael Kors one (thank you Amber) so I don't want to ruin it. I really love the two on this wish list but unfortunately one is way out of my price range for now! Think I'll be visiting ASOS or River Island for cheaper alternatives.

Our first campaign at work launches this Friday so I'm not expecting to leave the office on time this week! I'm just hoping the days fly by so I can enjoy a weekend at home next week, and hopefully a hot one!

27 May 2013

Jump On It.

Mesh Panel Jumpsuit, £32.99.

This is the one and only jumpsuit I own, but I think I may have started an addiction. IT'S SO NICE! (Massive pain to get on though I must say.) Probably the only time I'm grateful for small boobs as you definitely can't wear a bra with it! It's from Missguided and it comes in white too, find it here.

I had such a good Bank Holiday in London, highlight was somehow ending up drinking cocktails in the boiling sunshine on a rooftop bar! You don't wanna be going there at night though, minimum spend £75........! Hope you all had a nice three days off, boo to work tomorrow. This week is gonna suck big time!