30 January 2013


Absolutely everyone is doing these and I've really enjoyed finding out more about the people behind the blogs I read. I'm naturally a very nosey person so these are like gold dust to me! I thought I might as well join in, but it's surprisingly hard to keep thinking of things you know about yourself.
  1. My freckles come out in the sun.
  2. I absolutely love musical theatre and if I had my way I'd be in a West End show.
  3. I'm the most stubborn person I know.
  4. At primary school, I hated the name 'Francesca' but I have grown to love it.
  5. I prefer animals to people.
  6. My dad's a farmer and I grew up surrounded by fields and countryside where summertime lasted a lifetime!
  7. I have a very vivid imagination.
  8. When people post outfit photos, the first thing I look at is their room/everything around them. I'm just nosey!
  9. If I had to choose between meeting Beyonce and meeting the Queen, B would win every time.
  10. Desperately passionate about my career yet desperately worried I'll never make it.
  12. Sometimes I can go into deep daydreams about how the world is so big and there are parts I will never see, and I just can't get my head around it.
  13. I can't work out if I believe in God or not, but I think I believe in afterlife.
  14. I don't consider myself to be a trendsetter. I enjoy fashion, but it's not the most important thing in life.
  15. I used to think we had tiny little people in our bodies making everything work.
  16. The worst present you could give me is a cuddly toy...especially a bear. Eurgh.
  17. Eating used to be a real chore when I was little and I used to stuff my dinner in my cheeks and go and spit it out!
  18. I once took a dead bird on holiday because I thought I could help it. My mum wasn't best pleased with that act of kindness.
  19. Girl Talk was my favourite magazine and Bible as a young girl.
  20. I sometimes wonder if University was worth it (but I definitely don't regret it).
  21. Growing up we had pet sheep, hamsters, cats, dogs, stick insects (don't ask), goats, rabbits and guinea pigs. Yes really.
  22. I'm really fascinated with America.
  23. I have two tattoos and three piercings. 
  24. I DETEST men who wear vest tops!
  25. I've probably spent more money at the dentist than I have on clothes in the past few years.

25 January 2013

Black Out.

Everyone needs an LBD, in this case a Long Black Dress. Very handy that my friend works at New Look and kindly gave me a 25% off voucher...I decided to get this plain maxi because it was cheap anyway and I thought it would be an easy day or night outfit.

Black Maxi, £14.99, New Look.

21 January 2013

Week In Photos #9.

Gawwwd, haven't done one of these in weeks! This is what I've been up to lately :)
Beautiful Sunset/ Costa Times With Nell/ Hunters/ Friday Take Away/ Film Watching/ Posing/ Snow Times/ Costa AGAIN/ Ralph Loving The Snow.

20 January 2013

It's All White.

The white stuff has finally hit Kent, at last! I am a massive fan of snow, well not when I need to get places but when I'm just at home I love it. It's snowing right now actually, and it's getting pretty deep...it makes me want to put on a Christmas film and rewind to December. My dog Ralph is like a big kid in snow, he goes along trying to eat it all though. Here's some photos I took yesterday, enjoy :)

17 January 2013

Found My Hunters!

Now, there are reports of lots of snow on the way for tomorrow, but it definitely didn't look that way today with the sun shining. I decided to once and for all find my Hunter wellies...I knew I brought them home from uni but hadn't seen them since and I refused to believe I'd lost them. Alas, in the garage there they were hanging in a bag from the roof (my mum thinks this is an acceptable storage solution for outside space). I quickly rescued them and fell in love all over again. I hope it does snow so I can take Ralph for a walk in the snowy fields!

Ahhhh, Love! Hunters £40 TX Maxx.

15 January 2013

What's In My Bag.

I've seen a few of these posts flyin' about so thought I'd add to them. Looking at the photos, I'm afraid I can't promise anything exciting...in fact the contents of my bag are really boring! However, these are the things I carry round with me most days so they must be pretty essential:

1.   Brown Tote Bag- Accessorize.
2.   Black Suede Bow Gloves- Accessorize.
3.   Pocket Tissues- Wilkinson.
4.   Beige Wallet- Marc by Marc Jacobs.
5.   iPhone 4 and Headphones- Apple.
6.   Cocoa Butter Lip Balm- Vaseline.
7.   Amor Amor Perfume- Cacharel.
8.   Lipstick in 'red chilli'- MaxFactor.
9.   Jelly Bean Notebook and Pen- Wilkinson.
10. Season Ticket- South Eastern Trains.  

10 January 2013


This makes a change for me as usually I stay away from text-heavy posts, but actually I've really enjoyed writing it and it reminded me that I started this blog to WRITE not just to post photos. So although I'll be continuing to do outfit posts you may see more of my actual personality coming through. (Could be good or bad, you decide)

I did aim to do a 2012 summary but I never got round to it. Instead, I'll just mention some of the things which made last year stand out:

1. Finishing Uni- Unlike other students who never wanted to leave, I couldn't wait to graduate and embark on an actual real life grown up career. Don't get me wrong, I loved uni and the whole student experience of living away from home, living with friends, drinking horribly cheap vodka and missing countless lectures and seminars because bed was a better option. But I was always dreaming of actually having my own money, my own flat and planning grown up holidays and weekends away. Little did I know that life after uni would be a LOT harder than I ever anticipated. I moved home in June and if you had told me then that by January 2013 I'd STILL be at home and interning, therefore STILL poor- I probably wouldn't have believed it. I make it sound horrendous, it's not that awful but I am sick of not having my own money!

2. Becoming an auntie- This is like the biggest highlight ever! Nell is the first baby in the family and considering I'd been nagging my sister to get pregnant since I was around 8, I couldn't believe she'd finally gone and done it! Nell was due in May but decided to hang on in there and was born on June 5th 2012. Unfortunately we lost our Grandad 2 days later but we got to show him a picture of Nell before he died so he knew she was in the world! I genuinely love being an auntie and although I moaned a lot about not having a job when I moved home, it meant I could spend loads of time with my new niece watching her grow and change every day. I love her to BITS!

3. Doing Trek America- I've always wanted to visit America as we've never been there on holiday or anything and I did consider doing something like Camp America but that meant you had to work over there rather than just enjoy it. I'd been eyeing up the 'Southern Sun Tour' for months and when I had a really good job interview but didn't get the job, I was so angry and upset that I thought 'fuck it' and rang up and booked my trip! I remember my mum got home and I said 'I'm going to America for a month, and I've paid so it's done now.' Genuinely the best thing I've ever done. Flying over there on my own was a bit daunting but I met someone from my group at Chicago airport so we helped each other out which was nice. I travelled in and across 16 states experiencing nights out in Vegas, New Orleans and San Antonio to name a few. Met some lovely people who I'm still great friends with and I'd love to do something similar again. 

Not sure how 2013 will match up to last year but I have promised myself at least two holidays and a new car (if I ever get a proper wage!)

My main goals for this year are:

1. Treasure those closest to me- It's surprising how awful girls can still be to each other. I love my friends and think I'm a very loyal person, unfortunately not everybody is the same. So this year I'm not wasting time trying to make effort with people who don't return it and don't really care about me, instead I'm going to spend more time and make more memories with the friends I know I can count on.

2- Keep climbing that ladder- I'm really passionate about my career...to the point where sometimes I get upset and stressed out thinking I'm never going to get where I want to be. I think my aim for this year is to stop worrying so much about it and remember I'm only just turning 22. I want to carry on gaining experience and boosting my CV but most importantly I want to be happy and feel settled in a job. I might go through 3 or 4 jobs this year, or I might find a perfect role, what I've learnt recently is that no matter how hard you try and plan your future, life has a funny habit of doing its own thing- so you just need to go with it!

3- Enjoy being young- This sort of links in with the previous point really. I'm only just in my twenties, I'm single, have no kids and nothing to tie me down therefore I should relish in this time and be a bit selfish really! Spend my money on clothes, trips away and nights out and stop stressing so much over things that, in the long run, are meaningless!

Pretty simple goals I think. Maybe when I'm stressing about jobs and money I should have a look at this post to remind myself. 

What are your 2013 goals?

9 January 2013

Leather and Floral.

Unsure why this is so blurry, but maybe it's a good thing as you can't see my ill/tired face very clearly! This blouse was only a fiver from Primark and I love it, it goes with so many of my clothes and I especially love it with my leather skater skit. 

I'm in the office all on my own at the moment! (Hence the posing self timers) Feeling sorry for myself listening to radio one and getting square eyes from staring at this computer screen! I feel like I'm getting some sort of illness as my throat kills and all my glands feel swollen, but I'm trying to fight it off.

Anywhoooooo, back to work. Only a couple of hours until home time! 
Ankle Boots: New Look, Leather Skater: Ark, Floral Blouse: Primark.

6 January 2013

Welcome to January

Welcome to January

Welcome to January by franleanne featuring leather pants

January is by far the hardest month, it's like what...the 6th today and I'm struggling big time. I went back to work on Wednesday and although I enjoy my job it caused me great pain to set my alarm to 6.30am again. I just feel like there's nothing to look forward to this month! It's still cold, dark and miserable and now there's no pretty lights or festive films to enjoy. It's a horrible time of year and I can feel myself taking my bad mood out on my family which is never good. I need to snap out of it! Which is why I'm currently listening to my Annie Mac playlist and thinking sunny thoughts.

This is my January wish list. I actually really want a pair of leather trousers. The dream pair are from River Island and to my luck I found size 8s in the sale on Saturday for just £25 but they had a weird mark on the back they wouldn't come off so I decided against it. The hunt continues! I've also been craving a pair of black Kickers boots for aaaaages. I'm not entirely sure why, I had a blue suede pair when I was tiny and I adored them. I think I need to fill the void in my adult shoe cupboard. 

I've also just discovered Real Techniques makeup brushes, I've read rave reviews about them and they're surprisingly cheap! I got the MAC mini brush set for Christmas and I was soo disappointed. They really were mini and the quality was awful so I'm exchanging it for just one of their bronzing brushes which I'm hoping will be good!