24 February 2013

MAC Reviews.

Before I start, I must stipulate that I'm not a massive fan of MAC cosmetics like the rest of the world is. I think their foundation is too heavy and their products are over priced...but I do like their range of lipsticks. However, for Christmas and my birthday I got a few pieces from the brand, so I decided to do a little post about my thoughts on them.
Mineralize Eye Shadow in 'Aurora', £16.50

150 Large Powder Brush, £32.50.
 Opulash Mascara, £14.

Ok first up the eyeshadow:
I do quite like the finished effect but I don't think all the different coloured pigments come out properly. It just produces a smokey metallic eye effect which you are able to get for much cheaper! Overall, not fussed on this item.
Powder brush:
I use bronzer nearly every day, so I was after a really good-quality brush to use. For Christmas I asked for the MAC brush gift set which was about £40 and included a range of their brushes but in smaller sizes. I wasn't impressed with it though as the bristles came out of the brushes and they seemed really cheap to me. So I swapped it for just the one full size brush. Although this is much better than the one included in the set, some bristles have come out whilst using it which shouldn't happen with a good brush.
Now this...I do like! It's got a really great brush and doesn't feel too heavy once its applied. I think it does actually give my lashes some volume, so I think it's worth the money. It does however...really smell! I don't think I've ever owned a mascara that smells so this was a bit weird, but it's only a minor detail and wouldn't put me off buying this again. 

17 February 2013

Week In Photos #12.

WARNING: This post is food-heavy!
By the look of these photos, it actually seems like all I've done this week is eat. To be fair..that's pretty accurate. Plus I haven't been out seeing as I had a mental week last week, so instead I've been hibernating staying in and watching loads of films...two of which had Channing Tatum in and I am now fully in love with him. When he smiles I think I actually melt (boo him for being married).
It Snowed AGAIN/ New MAC Mascara (review to follow)/ Pancake Day Essentials/ Winter Comfort Food/ Beef Teriyaki For Valentines Day/ Magic Mike!/ Nachos/ Lunch With Mum/ Feet Up With Company Mag.

This week I'm finally getting my hair done, it's about a month overdue for a cut! Hopefully fitting in some jewellery shopping, a cinema trip and an evening babysitting my niece. OH and as if you didn't know already...BEYONCE TICKETS GO ON SALE THIS WEEK!!!!! 

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12 February 2013

Flirty February

Flirty February

Flirty February by franleanne featuring a longsleeve dress

February is my birth month and therefore I couldn't resist putting the green '1991' jumper on here as that's the year I was born! Other items on the wish list include Vivienne Westwood earrings, I love all her jewellery but definitely can't afford the price tag, luckily I've found loads of great items on eBay for cheap, cheap, cheap! I love the two cute dresses from Topshop, the hearts one is especially relevant for Valentines! I'd also like to get my hands on a Cambridge Satchel as they look so chic and come in a range of colours.

What's on your wish lists this month?

11 February 2013

Oh My Love.

So I spotted this amazing shirt in my local Topshop about a week before my birthday and really loved it, I then saw it again in Bluewater but as a playsuit (again, loved it). When my sister asked what I wanted from her this immediately sprang to mind but I also liked a couple of other shirts so I sent her a selection to choose from...I was sooo chuffed to unwrap the Oh My Love carrousel shirt, I was definitely secretly wishing she got this one :) You can find it here.
Carrousel Shirt, Oh My Love, £35. Disco Pants, American Apparel, £75.

10 February 2013

Week In Photos #11.

I have absolutely loved this week. I think I've been hungover and in bed more times than I've been sober! It all started last weekend with a trip up north to see friends then continued when I went back to Lincoln to celebrate my birthday night out, then back home where more nights out happened, I am literally knackered and SKINT. It's been so good to see my favourite people though, all crammed into the space of a week and I love them more than ever!
Reunited At Last/ Where It Started To Go Downhill.../ My Beauty Nike Blazers/ Birthday Cake/ Team Reem/ Me and Emma (Birthday Twins...Almost)/ Me and Kat/ My Saturday Night (Thank God No Alcohol)/ Birthday Meal Out at Zizzi.

I am thoroughly looking forward to not doing a lot this week apart from making a few pancakes on Tuesday. Think I may need to seriously detox and eat a load of fruit and veg as my skin has definitely suffered through all this drinking!

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7 February 2013

Check Mate.

Check Leggings, £25, Topshop.

Ooh there's enough clashing colours and patterns in this to make your eyes go funny. These are my fave clothing item at the minute, they're from Topshop and are so comfy to wear! I thought maybe I'd regret buying them as I'd struggle finding things to wear with them but I think as long as I stick to black I could wear them day or night. They were only £25 which is pretty cheap for Toppers so I couldn't not get them really. What do you reckon to them?

P.S it's my birthday today! 22 years young and even though it's not half as exciting as turning 21, I did have a good time celebrating in Lincoln last night and can't wait to open my Nike Blazers later and finally wear them!

4 February 2013

Week In Photos #10.

Sooo what've I been up to? Had a shopping trip to Bluewater last week to pick some birthday treats for myself (22 on Thursday, it's all downhill from here!) Also had a few nights out including trips to Nottingham and Sheffield to visit friends. It's nice to have people all over the place because you can't see them all the time, and when you do it's always lovely and you realise how healthy it is to have a variety of friends in your life. 

Speaking of which, I'm visiting some more special people in my life this Wednesday as I'm going back to Lincoln where I went to uni and I haven't seen them in 5 months...some even longer! It'll feel a bit strange going back but I'm really looking forward to it, I miss little Lincoln!
Nell Shoe Shopping/ Night Out/ Thomo's Leaving Night/ Nottingham/ Reunion in Sheffield/ LOL/ Birthday Girl/ Drunken Bed Time/ Found Old Photos- My First Day At School.