27 November 2013

Layer Up.

Wooooooooooooooo we have internet in the flat! Hallelujah praise the Lord! I can actually start blogging again now, and I'll start with two of my favourite new buys:
 Black Fluffy Jumper, £22.99, New Look.
Tartan Dress, £17, Primark.

Month in to my new job now and really loving it, moving up here is up there with my top 3 life decisions I reckon. Excited to see my Lincoln people and getting Christmassy this weekend :) Probably need to start thinking about Christmas shopping too!!

24 November 2013

Week In Photos #16

Only 2 more days until we get WiFi in the flat....I can't believe we've coped this long without it. You realise how essential a wifi connection is to life in 2013 I tell you! This week I discovered West Bridgford which is about 5 minutes from where we live, it's so cute and has little cafes, bistros and bars. The Christmas lights got switched on yesterday so it looks all festive now. Feeling much more settled up here now and can't believe how close we are to Christmas! Not ready, at...all.

Friday drinks/ Beautiful River Trent/ eBay boots/ Ellie the work puppy/ Me and Amber/ Pre work posing.

5 November 2013


I didn't dress up or do anything for Halloween last year so for some reason felt like I had to really go for it this year. (Not sure if dressing up is still ok when you're no longer a student?) Anyway, we embraced it and considering I'm pretty shit at artsy farsty stuff I think I did my skeleton make up alright! It was a good way to celebrate my first proper weekend in Nottingham and was lovely to have a big group of my friends up here together. Some people do Halloween make up so well, Instagram was full of amazing face paint last week!
Skeleton outfit courtesy of Emma, face paint from eBay.

4 November 2013

Week In Photos #15

This is a bit overdue but sums up my last week in Kent...food, drinks and friends! I've only been living in Nottingham just over a week but it feels much more than that. Settling in to my new job and so far love it! Love our flat as well, still getting used to having my own place and the fact is has a swimming pool downstairs! Living like a king, but with no money. Sweeeeet.  

Leaving Dinner/ June Bug/ Sunrise/ Last Day At Work/ Me and Emma/ Primark Tartan/ Standard Mirror/ Packing/ Moving In Cards :)