23 December 2013

Top Ten Winter Knits.

Top 10 winter sweaters

A sweatshirt comes in very handy if you're living in the UK doesn't it? Let's face it, the ones you pick out in winter you'll most likely still be wearing in the spring. So it pays to get a good selection! 

These are 10 of my favourite style of sweaters from A/W'13.

I love anything with a bit of wildlife on it....tigers/zebras/polar bears on jumpers- I'm all over it. I find Zara normally has a good selection of these. Primark's copy of the Bambi jumper by Givenchy is almost spot on...save those pennies people. I became a bit obsessed with floral jumpers this winter, they're good for extra warmth in an English spring too- more bang for your buck! And I'm not sure why I've left this off, but I've been living in my black eyelash knit sweater from New Look. It can be styled with anything and is proper comfy...perfect!

I'm yet to buy myself a full on festive jumper. This year there was definitely more than ever but I feel like I'd only wear it Christmas Day. Unless we had a Christmas jumper day at work, I'd much rather go with that than ever wear a onesie....

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas! I'm going home tomorrow and then on holiday Friday so I won't be blogging for a while...here's the the New Year! 

16 December 2013

Week In Photos #18

It's been a week of festivities watching Christmas films, getting presents bought, drinking mulled wine and ice skating whilst tipsy. This weekend my sister came to visit with my niece, it's been about six weeks since I saw them last so I was really looking forward to it. Nell's changed so much she's a proper little madam now- and acts like one too! One week tomorrow and I get to travel back to Kent! Looking forward to Christmas Eve drinks and seeing some of my favourite people. Can't get enough of December- love it!
Christmas Market/ Ice Skating/ Gorgeous Sunrise/ Nell Inspecting Our Tree/ Winter Scene/ Wine Fridays/ Cosy Room/ Love her/ Little Madam.

11 December 2013

Christmas Wishes.

I actually can't believe it'll be Christmas Day in two weeks, I know it's so cliche to say how fast time's going but I feel like I don't even know what's happened in the last few weeks. I'm really looking forward to a couple of chilled days at home before I jet off to Thailand.

I haven't really had time to think about holiday but when I pack next week I think it will set in that I'm off to the sunshine! I've never been away at this time of year before to anywhere exotic, the worst thing is going to be coming back the UK in the middle of January when I bet it'll have started snowing. I hope it doesn't snows so much that I have to stay in Thailand...that would be a real shame.
Christmas, By Fran Leanne

Because I'm old and poor now I have to ask for things I need rather than what I'd like for Christmas, hence why this wish list is just that! I'm determined to include a Prada bag on every wish list I write in life until I unwrap one!! I also really love the Cath Kidston DAB radio and Topshop dressing gown. What's on your wish lists?

7 December 2013

Week In Photos #17

We're barely in December, but in the space of a week I already have two events lined up for summer: We Are Festival and Hideout 2014!!! Both line ups look incredible already, and there's plenty of time for even more acts to be announced. SO excited! 

Can't help thinking sunny thoughts considering I'm off to Thailand in less than three weeks, but I'm still excited about Christmas. Started my shopping today and nearly got everyone's presents sorted...I can't wait to see my niece open her things this year. She's 18 months old now so will definitely know what's going on. 18 days to go
Christmas on Carnaby St./ Sunday roast/ Flat festivities/ Holiday arrivals/ Blogging/ New hair/ Uni reunion/ Dinner party pudding/ Nell :)