24 November 2014

Black & White Saturday Night.

Crop Top: BooHoo
Necklace: H&M
Watch: Michael Kors
Midi Skirt: Topshop
Shoes: eBay

Can we all please note how sophisticated I look? I've only worn this skirt a handful of times and I'm still so in love with it! It makes me feel very classy....which I totally am by the way, in case you were wondering. Hope everyone's Mondays are going okay, guess what?


I'll leave you with that little festive message. Ciao! x 

27 October 2014

Little White Dress.

Last weekend one of my best friends from home came and visited me, and as I hadn't bought a new dress for a night out in what felt like forever, I thought this was a perfect excuse. I spotted this on the Oh My Love website and had to have it along with this amazing necklace from H&M! 
Dress, £42, Oh My Love
Necklace, £15, H&M
Clutch, New Look
Shoes, eBay

During the day we went to the White Rabbit Teahouse, which I've read a couple of reviews on from other bloggers and it was exactly what I wanted it to be. Cute, quintessentially English and absolutely delicious! If you're ever in Nottingham, I highly recommend it. 

All in all, a lovely weekend and I will forever be dreaming of those cream scones! 

14 October 2014

Autumn Nails.

Barry M Gelly in Cardamom.

I'm not the first on this hype and definitely won't be the last. I love Barry M's Gelly range and their new autumn colours are spot-on! Have you bought any yet?

7 October 2014

Autumn Update.

Buying clothes over the last few months has been all about festivals and holidays. Now that summer's over I realised I didn't really have appropriate winter or work clothes, so I had a mini haul at the weekend to update my wardrobe. 

I spotted these AMAZING Chelsea boots from Zara on Goldilocks & What She Wears' Instagram page, and at £29.99 there was no question about whether I was going to buy them. There weren't any size 4's in store, but luckily they're quite a big fit, so size 3 is perfect! 

I also added to my Barry M Gelly collection with this gorgeous shade called 'Cardamom'. I definitely think the Gelly range is one of the best out there, it lasts a good while before chipping and the colours are always bold and vibrant...and so so cheap! Plus it's buy one get one half price across the whole Barry M range in Boots so what's not to love?! 

I bought some other bits I'll post about soon, next on my hit-list...some black ripped skinny jeans! 

29 September 2014


Looking something like a 90s throwback here, but if you can't wear this in Ibiza...where can you wear it?!

The long-sleeved crop was a bargain from BooHoo and the shorts were custom made by S+R Wear who I stumbled across on Instagram. They make loads of cool clothing all bespoke to you...just tell them what you want! Underneath I wore a lace trimmed bralet from New Look and high waisted bikini shorts from Topshop.

Loved this outfit and probably won't be able to wear it again until I go back to the Island...sad face!

22 September 2014

The Triangl Edit: JESSY NIGHTFOX.

Jessy Nightfox, Triangl, RRP $89.

Ahhh finally...after seeing everyone on planet earth blog about this brand of swimwear, I get to do it! I can say without a doubt it's the best bikini I've ever worn, literally fits like a glove and don't have to worry about pulling it up, down, in or out of places. There's so many gorgeous colours and styles to choose from online, but quite a lot were sold out in my size, which actually turned out to be a good thing otherwise I would've never whittled it down to one. 

Absolutely perfect bikini for Ibiza- see you next party season Jessy! 

12 September 2014

Holiday Essentials.

I'm not quite sure why the quality of these pictures are so bad, apologies. Anyhow...summer is most definitely not over for me yet as I'm just prepping for Ibiza on Monday. Did I mention I was going to Ibiza? Yeah...I'M GOING TO IBIZA! (Just a little bit excited).

You would think packing for five days would be easy, but you have to be super organised and know exactly what you want to wear, especially as I'm only taking hand luggage. No room for a last minute outfit change!

Obviously I'm taking more than one bikini, but let's be honest...this Triangl number is the only thing that matters in that whole suitcase. I cannot wait to wear it!

Hope you all have a good week, see you on the flip side with lots of sunny outfit posts!

31 August 2014

Sunday Stroll (oh yeah and lilac hair!)

After the horrible weather we've had lately it was good to see the sun again today, and it was actually quite hot! I had a walk round the park to make the most of it and gave my new purple hair an outing. I only had it done yesterday after months of debating but I really love it, what do you think?

25 August 2014

The Formal Jogger.

Formal Jogger, £30, Topshop.

Bought these from Topshop recently and totally love them, they're so comfy! Wore this outfit over the Bank Holiday weekend and for once didn't get too drunk. Success...maybe they're my lucky trousers now! Hope you've all had a good long weekend, what the hell is up with this weather?! Good job I have Ibiza to look forward to :) 3 weeks today! 

6 August 2014

Simple Sundays.

Black Cami and Floral Print Joggers, both New Look.

I enjoyed another chilled out weekend revolving around a bit of shopping, lots of eating and film-watching. You'd think this would set me up for the week, but I've been worse than usual at getting up for work in the mornings! We finally tried out Browns which is literally 2 minutes from our flat, I heard the food was amazing so we tested out their roast dinners and oh.my.god....best roast dinner I've ever had out I reckon! If you've got a Browns near you, definitely try it out. Very much enjoying these new trousers from New Look, I bought them to wear to the airport as they're super comfy but a bit less trampy than normal joggers. At £17.99 I might have to get another pair!

Obviously there was pudding ;) 

31 July 2014

Little Details.

So I've been living in Nottingham for nine months now (the time it takes to make an actual human) and it's gone quick! As if you can make a real person in the same space of time?!

Anyway, we're in a different flat to when we first moved in because although the first flat was AMAZING (seriously amazing in fact), it was costing us too much and we weren't living like the 23 years olds that we are. So we live pretty much in the city centre now, and although I slightly resent this flat for not living up to our other one, I'm slowly coming round to it. And now the heatwave's warmed the building up, it's a bit nicer.

Nottingham was never part of the plan and I wasn't sure how I'd get on up here, especially as I went to uni in Lincoln and missed home a lot. But I think you have a different mindset when you start work, especially when it's in a career you've been working towards and you really enjoy. There's not really time to miss home! I also got a surprise promotion the other week which was a lovely shock and makes the hard work worth it.

I'm not really sure what the point of this post was, I guess it's just to say that I'm very happy at the moment and feel quite proud (how very un-British of me). At school, and at uni even, you can't tell how things are going to pan out...and with the news today reiterating that many 20-30 years old are still living with their parents I feel good to be out! Even though the grown up shit like bills, food shopping and full time work can sometimes be a ball ache, the independence and freedom of being in your early twenties far outweighs any negatives. Here's to the good times!

22 July 2014


Photo by David Nyanzi (www.nyanzi.com).

Another weekend, another festival! This one wasn't planned really but it fell on the birthday weekend of my friend who suggested we all go. The line up looked really good and for £55, we thought it was worth the trip to London. 

It was such a good day! Having spent the week checking BBC weather like a madman and having everyone tell me it was going to storm, we were actually really lucky and it was beautiful sunshine all day- perfect! 

Best act of the night was definitely Kenny Dope, as a Defected Records artist I already loved him but his Disco Fever set was so much fun, he even busted out the 90s classic 'I'm Horny'...remember that! 

My palm print co-ord is from Ark Clothing, find it here. I was also chuffed to bits to have my photo taken for ASOS fashion finder, you can see the look here.

10 July 2014

Hideout: A beginner's guide.

If you're between the ages of 18 and 25 you will have definitely heard of Hideout Festival. Situated on the Island of Pag in Croatia, the five day festival is a real test of stamina and endurance. A couple of my friends had been for previous years, but even when they tried their best to explain it, I now know that you will never truly understand it until you do it for yourself. 

A lot of people try and compare it to Ibiza, but I don't think you can do this. They're completely different experiences and you should enjoy them for what they are. I wasn't sure what I'd think of Hideout, I was worried it wouldn't live up to the hype...but thankfully, it did! I feckin' loved it. Instead of boring you with a day-to-day run down (like I'm going to remember that), I've decided to give you my top 5 Do's and Don'ts...enjoy! 

1. Pack a lot of swimwear
The days are taken up with pool parties aplenty, and basic bikinis just won't cut it...so stock up on necklaces and sunnies too.

2. Get out of bed and get on it
Even when you feel like you can't move, the second you get to a pool party and get a giant cocktail in your hands, you will instantly feel amazing again. 

3. Shazam the shit out of Croatia
I'm being completely honest when I say I don't think I heard a bad song for a whole week. The music was on point and when I did remember to Shazam the songs, the memories come flooding back! 

4. Get a balloon 
There were some real entrepreneurs at Hideout who had the brilliant idea to buy a gas canister and loads of balloons on the cheap to sell for approximately £6. By the end of the week, even the Croatian locals were selling them in their kiosks on the beach! 

5. Stay up until sunrise
I think there was only one night where I didn't carry on dancing to watch the sunrise. One of the best moments was the first night watching Solomun's closing set at half 6 in the morning where so many people were still going strong and fully embracing Hideout. I will also never forget the last night watching Jackmaster play his final song 'Let the sun shine' as the sun rose above the sea...amazing. 

1. Underestimate Croatian weather
On the first night there was an ungodly storm (which I missed luckily) but had people talking all week. Trees came down, water flooded the street and people locked themselves in toilets but miraculously by the next day it was like nothing had happened! 

2. Think you are a machine
There were a couple of days where I lost my appetite and decided food was on the bottom of my priority list. Don't do this, it won't help you in the long run. EAT! 

3. Go home early 
Under any circumstances. You cannot miss any part of this festival, you'll regret it! 

4. Assume no one else will have your bikini
There's a lot of girls that go to Hideout. Girls tend to like fashion, girls tend to like the same shops, and therefore girls tend to buy the same things. I lost count of the amount of duplicate swimwear on that island...I don't think I did too badly but if you want to be completely unique I suggest avoiding the high-street! 

5. Expect to get on with the Croatians 
Croatians are a funny bunch. Overall I would say they're pretty grumpy...but then again so would you be if thousands of English louts descended on your island to cause havoc for a week. Also, when you order a meal...don't expect to get what you asked for. It's a real surprise! 

Hideout Festival, 2014.

22 June 2014

Colourful Co-Ords

Floral Co-Ord, £30, Bank.

Can I first and foremost point out that Bank is highly underrated. Chavvy it may seem, but actually the last few times I've been in there I've found a lot of hidden gems...this being one of them! I've been searching for the perfect co-ord for a long time and fell in love with this, for £15 each, it's a job well done. Like it? Find it here.

18 June 2014

Pom Pom Two-Piece

Oh my god I love these shorts so much! Even more so because I got them for a tenner! In fact, the top and shorts were both eBay steals and the whole outfit cost me around £15...bargain. I love it when things come together!

I've been seeing these shorts loads on Instagram and as I'm going to Hideout festival next weekend, thought they'd be perfect. The crop top is actually ASOS and I think they're still in stock online, you can find similar shorts on Lily LuLu Fashion, just click here.

I can't wait to get to Croatia now to get these out and surround myself with sunshine, friends, music and dancing. Get me on the beach!

9 June 2014

iPad Lap Desk: Review.

I was sent this iPad Lap Desk to review last week, so after moving flats and finally getting wifi I had a chance to test it out.

Even though iPads are more convenient and easier to handle than laptops, there's always the issue of trying to watch TV/films in bed and having to hold it in place at the right angle. This lap desk eliminates that problem and positions your iPad for perfect viewing or working. Turn it the opposite way to how I've shown it, and you can even rest tea and biscuits on the stand...what more could you want!

Available in one size, the Lap Desk fits all kinds of iPad...so if you're looking to buy the new iPad mini (click here) then you should definitely order one of these too for the perfect Apple pairing! 

29 May 2014

We Are Fstvl!

Me and Amber love a road trip, and this weekend we took on the journey from Nottingham to Essex which is long enough as it is without the RIDICULOUSNESS that ensued! 

We were heading to Upminster for the Saturday instalment of We Are Festival, trying to be clever and avoiding the blocked up M1, we somehow managed to get onto the A1 which was all well and good because we were still sort of en-route. Four hours of driving later and we were in jam-packed London so decided to abandon my car and hop on a train.

A few detours later and we finally made it into the festival grounds at 3pm! We were still in good spirits but then we saw the queue...the queue that took an HOUR to stand in...in the torrential rain! So we actually ended up getting through the gates at about 4pm, not the original plan. 

Despite all this, we still had a good time and Sam Divine's set made it all worth it! We also went to the after party at Studio 338 in Greenwich which was amazing, so not all bad. Looking forward to not doing anything this weekend though I must say. 

Sunglasses, socks and crop top all BooHoo.

11 May 2014

Barcelona: Instagrammed.

After Easter weekend and three days back at work, I enjoyed another long weekend- but this time in Barcelona! One of our friends has been teaching out there for just over a year, so we decided to pay him a visit and take in the sights of the city. (By that I mean mostly we got drank, slept in and ate really, really good food.) Everyone I've spoken to who's been to Barcelona has nothing but good things to say about it, it really is the city with everything and I'd love to go back. The ice cream kiosks around the harbour have really long queues, but trust me...they're worth the wait (still regretting that one scoop instead of two). And for unreal brunch to set you up for the day you need to head to Milk or Marmalade (http://www.milkbarcelona.com/) you will not regret it. Barcelona..we love you!