31 January 2014

Product Review: Cetaphil Cleanser

I don't really post product reviews very often but I bought Cetaphil after reading rave reviews online. I have really sensitive skin and have to be very careful with which products I use, especially on my face. I was a bit sceptical of buying this because I've tried soooo many creams/cleansers/ointments in the past that have been a complete waste of money. Three months on and I'm a a massive fan! Unlike other cleansers, it has a gel consistency and isn't full of nasty perfumes or chemicals. I usually dampen my face, rub Cetaphil in like a moisturiser, then remove with cotton wool pads. I've definitely noticed the difference, and now I've forced myself into a strict cleansing routine my skin is so much better for it! Even in this horrible wet and cold weather, my face still feels nice and soft at the end of the day. For just under £9 (you can get it cheaper if you shop around), it's a fantastic product that actually does what it promises. No fancy packaging and no false advertising...the results do the talking. 10/10!!! Find out about their other products here.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, RRP £8.99.
Soft, soft skin :)

19 January 2014

Thailand Travels.

I write this with a very heavy heart as I'm sat in my cold living room in about 3 layers staring out to a pitch black sky and thinking...hmm this time last week I was in Bangkok. KILL ME NOW! I have to write it though because I need to tell you all how amazing Thailand is and make sure you all go there...as soon as you can! 

We booked this trip back in April, so it was a long time coming and you would've thought we had ages to plan it all properly. But actually, our technique was to pick the parts in Thailand we wanted to visit most and book hotels there. For future reference...you should definitely work out how you're going to get to each island before just booking as we had to do a few night busses/night boats (not for the faint-hearted). So my first bit of advise...research before you book! 

Our first couple of nights were in Bangkok as that's where we flew to, so instead of moving on straight away we thought we'd experience Kaohsan Road- and an experience it was! We ended up going to see a ping-pong show (I'll let you google that because I just don't think I can explain) and it was a very messy night to say the least.

Then came our first mammoth journey to get to Koh Phangan. We had to get a bus then get a ferry which in total took about 19 WHOLE hours. We had one night of calm and then came NYE and the infamous Full Moon Party. We partied for about 13 hours and met so many people, it was undoubtedly the best New Years I've ever had and the best way to see in 2014. It was unreal.

New Year Countdown at the Full Moon Party.

After the madness of Koh Phangan we moved onto the other side of Thailand and the beauty and sunshine of Koh Phi Phi. There are no roads on Phi Phi Island, so if you need to get anywhere you have to get a long tail boat...or as the locals call them "BOAT BOAT...TAXI BOOAATTT". We spent about a week here in a resort and it was like actual paradise. We couldn't believe it when our boat pulled in, all we saw was a private stretch of white sand beach and little huts in the mountains which quickly became our home. I miss it. A lot.
Phi Phi Viewpoint (After a mammoth walk to get here).

Hammock Life.

After living in Paradise for a week we had a couple of days where we hadn't booked anywhere to stay. We looked at where would be easy to get to and was en-route back to Bangkok and decided we'd make a stop at Ao Nang in Krabi. The beach wasn't the nicest, but coming from Phi Phi it had a lot to live up to, it was also quite touristy which we hadn't had much of, so didn't really like. I'd read that nearby Railay Beach was lively with travellers and had good beach parties so we headed over there one evening. When we got there it was probably the quietest place we'd been and there was nothing going on...we were then practically stranded because no one else was going back to Ao Nang so the price for a taxi boat went up to 900 baht (nearly £20!!!) At this point we hated Railay Beach. We had to give in and pay the money but we ended up having a messy night at probably the weirdest, shadiest little club I've ever been to.

Whilst in Krabi, we went on an elephant trek which I had been desperate to do for months. I was really worried after reading reviews online as some camps treat the elephants really badly. I don't deal well with animal cruelty and I think I would've cried if I saw anything horrible but luckily the camp we went to was good and the elephants seemed very happy. This was one of the highlights of my trip because I love them so much and we went with them in a river where we got absolutely drenched with one spraying water at us. I loved it!

Me and my best mate.

Sunset on Ao Nang beach.

After Krabi it was another 12 hour bus journey back to Bangkok and because we didn't really see much of it the first time, we planned to go to Chatuchak Market as it's only on at weekends and we arrived early hours of Saturday morning. The market was absolutely massive, we were there all day and probably still only saw half of it. You could literally buy anything there from food and drink, to jewellery and clothes from independent boutiques or your fake designer handbags and watches. If you're ever in Bangkok on a weekend I definitely recommend visiting here, but make sure you're ready to bargain and never accept their first price! 

Chatuchak Market, Bangkok.

For our last proper evening, we made a visit to Lebua Skybar at The State Tower. We could only actually afford one drink here as it was London prices (about £13 for one cocktail) and considering we'd been used to paying £3, it was a bit of a shock to the system. This is where they filmed part of The Hangover 2 and our night panned out exactly like the film...

Before the mess, Lebua Skybar, Bangkok.

There for just under 3 weeks, we managed to cram a lot in and see a lot of Thailand. I'd love to see all the islands though and would definitely plan a trip back there to see Koh Tao, more of Koh Phangan and Koh Samui. I'm absolutely gutted that it's all over but so glad we went, I can see why so many people flock there each year now! We love you Thailand!