19 February 2014

Bye Bye Blonde...Hello Fringe!

I did it, I did it...the fringe is in! After toying with the idea for several weeks (and almost chickening out again on the day) my lovely hairdresser told me to just go for it so for the first time in about 15 years...the fringe is back in business. It always takes a while to get used to a new hairstyle so I'm still unsure about it, but we'll see how much it annoys me over the coming weeks! Nice to be a bit darker too as blonde was ruining my hair and much to expensive to maintain. What do we think, yay or nay?

12 February 2014

Birthday Weekend.

Last Friday I turned 23...what a pointless, uninspiring age! Birthdays definitely suck as you get older...I had a really good weekend though. Luckily, I got the day off work so travelled back to Kent to spend the afternoon with my sister and niece. On Saturday I met up with my three bestestestest friends from home and we got the train to London together to meet my other favourites and have dinner and drinks in Covent Garden. We all had tickets to Defected In The House at Ministry Of Sound which me and Amber had been to before, so knew it was going to be a good night. After checking in at our questionable hostel, the horror of plastic mattresses and rackety bunk beds faded away and out came the vodka and gin. 

Defected didn't disappoint and GotSome, Kenny Dope and Sam Divine played really good sets. Sam was our favourite though, me and Amber are borderline obsessed with her and she always plays the best songs! If you're a fan of the record label then you should definitely go to one of their events because everyone always says they put on awesome nights. Photos and outfit details below...

Leather Jacket: Topshop, Sweatshirt: Zara, Leggings: Topshop, Trainers: New Balance.
Quilted Sweater: Topshop (birthday gift), Skirt: Express (from America), Trainers: New Balance.
Cut-out dress: Motel.
Fun, fun, fun in London with my best ones :)

11 February 2014

A New Pair Of Eyes.

Apologies for the blurry pictures, blame the rubbish lighting. I don't think I've posted about my glasses yet, which I'm totally in love with so had to get them on here. I've needed them for about four years but obviously kept putting it off- I'm much too young for bad eyesight you know! Anyway, I got pretty bored of squinting to see what was on TV so I asked father dearest if he'd get them for me for Christmas. (You know you're teenage days are over when you're asking for glasses for Christmas). Naturally, I chose Ray-Bans....

Ray-Ban black/red texture, RRP £129.99.

What do you think?! 

6 February 2014

February Faves.

February Faves

February Faves by franleanne featuring Laura Ashley

The first week of February is almost done and dusted and it's my birthday tomorrow!!!! Not that I'm actually that excited about it, once you hit 21 the birthdays after that just don't really matter. And what's good about being 23 anyway? Bills, bills and more bills....I hardly ever check my bank balance these days in fear of seeing what little pennies are left in there. However, a girl can still dream...and if I did by chance have a spare couple of hundred pounds, this is what I'd be looking to buy this month.

Because my company represent a lots of interior clients, I've taken a much bigger interest in home decor and interior design. I love the trio of candles, and metallics are sooooo in right now by the way. I also love the stacking storage cases and have wanted some for a couple of years now, I think they'd be an investment piece that you could move wherever you go!

I'm off to sleep now before a little lie in tomorrow. I've luckily got the day off work so heading back to Kent to see my family before a big night out in London on Saturday. Have a good weekend!