16 August 2015

Holiday Essentials | The Primark Shorts

I felt like I would never reach this point, but I'm finally on the 2-week countdown to holiday time! I've been doing the final clothes shop and outfit planning this weekend, and I'm actually quite impressed with these little monochrome shorts from Primark, they were like £4! 

I defy any british female to leave for a foreign country without at least one item from Primark. Although it has its faults, you can't deny it lends a helping hand for holiday season! 

Now just 10 working days to get through, then it's Bank Holiday weekend and straight to Heathrow Airport...Miami bound!!!!

26 July 2015

Festival Fun | Lovebox 2015

Playsuit - Missguided

So last Saturday was the second year we decided to celebrate one of our friend's birthdays at Lovebox Festival. It was also the second year the weather decided to be on our side, and the second year that one of the funnest days of summer (so far) was had! Granted I remember very little of it this time around (my bad) but what I do remember....was bloody good. 

I went in a bit too hard and although I had Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday booked off work as holiday; I actually spent most of it in bed feeling sorry for myself with a sickness bug. Therefore this weekend, by stark contrast, was spent at home in Kent babysitting my niece and being spoilt by my mum. 
Kent sunset

Since moving to London, I cannot get over how quiet it is when I go home. I never used to notice before, but now that I'm constantly surrounded by sound...the countryside really is so peaceful. Soz for the cliche! Anyway a quiet, family-orientated weekend was obviously what I needed and I'm feeling much better now. Here's to a good week! 

11 July 2015

Day Tripping | Bristol

Yesterday, I had a rare day off work so me and mum set off early from Paddington for a day in beautiful Bristol.

I've only been to this city a couple of times, both flying visits, so this time I wanted to explore and enjoy it properly. We arrived about midday and had a wander to the main shopping centre (which is much more impressive than I thought it would be). We picked up a few sale bargains and enjoyed some frozen drinks in the sunshine.

We then made our way down to the harbour and followed the river along where there are lots of quirky restaurants dotted along overlooking the water. The weather was gorgeous so we soaked up the sun before enjoying some wine and early dinner on the docks of River Station, where the staff were extremely polite I have to say!

Bristol is a gorgeous little place and I like it more and more each time I visit. I still didn't see everything I wanted to, and really must go to the old city next time as we only managed to pop our heads round before carrying on. I also didn't find any Banksy! Reason enough to make another trip to the South West.

Happy weekending everyone!

27 June 2015

Sunny Saturdays | Hyde Park

I refuse to waste a sunny day, especially as 90% of the week is spent in the office. So today I decided to explore Hyde Park (should've hung around until tonight, I could've made Swifty my best friend!)
As predicted, it was absolutely gorgeous! There were people picnic-ing, sunbathing, cycling...and boating of course. I was truly in my element walking around taking it all in, and feeling pretty chuffed that I can call this city home. London...I really do love you!

13 June 2015

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty at the V&A

On Friday morning, before the doors even opened to public, I was inside London's V&A museum for an exclusive tour of the Alexander McQueen exhibition with his biographer, Judith Watts. There's been a lot of hype surrounding this exhibition so I knew it was going to be good, I underestimated just how good though.

I like fashion but I'll be the first to admit I will rarely be interested in designer shows and high-end fashion mags but with Alexander McQueen, there's something different. After learning more about his life it's evident he was a unique talent, and the way he combined fashion with nature led to outstanding one-off pieces. Not to mention his catwalk shows...mesmerising! 

I don't know whether it's the tragic way he died, or the darkness surrounding his inspiration, but I found the exhibition completely compelling and at times, quite dramatic.

For the whole time I was in there, I was drawn in to absolutely everything that was happening around me, and the work that must have gone into producing such an enchanting experience is evident. It was truly amazing!

Savage Beauty is only on until August 2nd so I strongly recommend you get yourself a ticket before it's too late! Click here to buy online from the V&A.

31 May 2015

Summer Shoes.

Suede Ankle Boots: Primark
Heeled Mules: Taylor Belle Shoes

Even though it's as miserable as anything today (I've spent the majority of the day in bed!) It has actually been quite nice the rest of the week, so I needed a refresh on the shoe front and picked up these suede little boots from Primak yesterday. It's very rare that I find shoes I like in Primark, and when I do 9/10 they won't have my size. But yesterday they did, so for £15 I couldn't say no.

I also bought these black sandals online during the week, which were another barg

16 May 2015

Oliver Bonas Homeware Wish List

Oliver Bonas Wish List

Words cannot describe how much I LOVE Oliver Bonas homewares. Everything they sell: I want, in a nut shell. 

Here's a wish list of my favourite bits at the moment....now who'd like to donate me some gift cards? :) 

What's your favourite place to shop for homeware? 

28 April 2015

Gypsy style.

Skirt: New Look
Top: New Look

My last wish-list was all about the folksy trend and I'm still a little bit obsessed with it! These two buys are from New Look, who I have to say are doing really well with their summer stock. There's one just over the road from where I work and there's always a few bits I have my eyes on from week-to-week. Although the chill has returned to the UK, I wore this skirt today with my chunky white knit and tights and it still worked. For £19.99, it's a thumbs up from me!

12 April 2015

Who says ombré doesn't work on short hair?!

Aaaah, I'm so happy to have some blonde back in my hair! I've wanted the ombré effect for ages but was convinced it would look rubbish on my short hair. Luckily I found a great stylist at RUSH in Moorgate who worked her magic. Also very much enjoying Benefit's World Famous Neutrals kit that I'm wearing on my eyes here! These were taken on the lovely Easter weekend last week and I'm already counting down to my next long weekend...which in fact is only a week and a half away! 

1 April 2015

Aah, April.

Okay, so there's a definite theme here. It's like my inner Sienna Miller has suddenly been discovered! (Note how good that rhyme is by the way.)

I can't help it though, the Folk trend is obviously going to be big this summer and dammit I want me some suede and lace! I saw an absolutely gorgeous white lace dress in Bershka the other day, unfortunately I couldn't find it to include on here but I already imagined myself wearing it with a leather jacket to one of the many summer festivals I've got lined up. 

I hereby declare I am ready for spring shopping! We just need to notify my bank balance and the weather right now, as both are totally the opposite of ready for this.

What's on your April wish lists? 

8 March 2015

New brand love: Orelia Jewellery.

I first saw Orelia pieces in Topshop' s Oxford St store and thought they were insanely cute. You can choose from beautiful necklaces, rings and earrings in their normal collection (which is completely affordable) or pay a bit extra for the Fine Collection which is made with sterling 925 silver, and also has choices in gold and rose gold plated. I now have two cute Orelia necklaces in my collection thanks to birthday gifts and I love them! Can't wait to build on this obsession!

Check out Orelia Jewellery now by clicking here.

4 March 2015

Merry March.

It's March! Winter is over! Spring is here! (Is it?) Either way, I'm excited. Days are lasting a little bit longer and summer is most definitely that little bit closer. Here's a few things that I'm lusting over at the moment, some will will stay in that category and others (like a classic mac) will hopefully get purchased this month.

I love the little black Topshop backpack. I'm pretty sure I've said at one stage or another that I'm dead against the backpack trend, but now I'm a Londoner hopping on and off of trains, the concept has become rather dreamy!

As our flat is brand new, it's been like a total blank canvas meaning decorating my room has been rather fun! There's still loads of little bits I want to get including some more prints and storage pots, plus I love those stacking trunks from Oliver Bonas.

What's on your March hit list?

28 February 2015

I'm back! Room tour & life update.

Well hi guys! It's been a while. I lost the love for blogging a little bit to be honest, plus when you're into it it's very time consuming....and I just didn't have the time to commit. But I've been missing it lately, so here I am again with some big life news!
These photos are from my brand spankingly new flat (so new in fact, that no one else has ever lived in it!) Up until last month I was still living in Nottingham, but I always knew that wasn't long term as London has always been the dream. It's taken a few years and a lot of career ladder climbing, but I've finally done it and I'm now working for an amazing PR agency in the City. I'm only two weeks into it, but it's definitely the best decision I've ever made. Even though I would've loved to move to the Capital soon after uni, I'm glad it's taken a bit of time because I'm not sure if I would've really been ready before, but I know I am now.

I relished my first couple of weeks here and did all the touristy things you'd expect, so expect a photo post to follow soon now that I'm back in the blogging world!