8 March 2015

New brand love: Orelia Jewellery.

I first saw Orelia pieces in Topshop' s Oxford St store and thought they were insanely cute. You can choose from beautiful necklaces, rings and earrings in their normal collection (which is completely affordable) or pay a bit extra for the Fine Collection which is made with sterling 925 silver, and also has choices in gold and rose gold plated. I now have two cute Orelia necklaces in my collection thanks to birthday gifts and I love them! Can't wait to build on this obsession!

Check out Orelia Jewellery now by clicking here.

4 March 2015

Merry March.

It's March! Winter is over! Spring is here! (Is it?) Either way, I'm excited. Days are lasting a little bit longer and summer is most definitely that little bit closer. Here's a few things that I'm lusting over at the moment, some will will stay in that category and others (like a classic mac) will hopefully get purchased this month.

I love the little black Topshop backpack. I'm pretty sure I've said at one stage or another that I'm dead against the backpack trend, but now I'm a Londoner hopping on and off of trains, the concept has become rather dreamy!

As our flat is brand new, it's been like a total blank canvas meaning decorating my room has been rather fun! There's still loads of little bits I want to get including some more prints and storage pots, plus I love those stacking trunks from Oliver Bonas.

What's on your March hit list?