28 April 2015

Gypsy style.

Skirt: New Look
Top: New Look

My last wish-list was all about the folksy trend and I'm still a little bit obsessed with it! These two buys are from New Look, who I have to say are doing really well with their summer stock. There's one just over the road from where I work and there's always a few bits I have my eyes on from week-to-week. Although the chill has returned to the UK, I wore this skirt today with my chunky white knit and tights and it still worked. For £19.99, it's a thumbs up from me!

12 April 2015

Who says ombré doesn't work on short hair?!

Aaaah, I'm so happy to have some blonde back in my hair! I've wanted the ombré effect for ages but was convinced it would look rubbish on my short hair. Luckily I found a great stylist at RUSH in Moorgate who worked her magic. Also very much enjoying Benefit's World Famous Neutrals kit that I'm wearing on my eyes here! These were taken on the lovely Easter weekend last week and I'm already counting down to my next long weekend...which in fact is only a week and a half away! 

1 April 2015

Aah, April.

Okay, so there's a definite theme here. It's like my inner Sienna Miller has suddenly been discovered! (Note how good that rhyme is by the way.)

I can't help it though, the Folk trend is obviously going to be big this summer and dammit I want me some suede and lace! I saw an absolutely gorgeous white lace dress in Bershka the other day, unfortunately I couldn't find it to include on here but I already imagined myself wearing it with a leather jacket to one of the many summer festivals I've got lined up. 

I hereby declare I am ready for spring shopping! We just need to notify my bank balance and the weather right now, as both are totally the opposite of ready for this.

What's on your April wish lists?