8 January 2016

Hello | 2016

Notebook - HomeSense 

What a difference a year makes, or so the saying goes. But it is funny how in the space of 12 months, you can be in a completely different place in life. This time last year I had just quit my job and getting ready to move to London unemployed! Luckily within a few weeks I joined a PR agency and began living the London life I'd wanted to for years. 

Important things 2015 taught me...

  1. Work hard and you will get there...but when you get there you'll have to work even harder.
  2. Money makes the world go round, but it should not control you. It's meaningless when it comes to having fun and making memories. Fuck the bank!
  3. True friendships require joint effort and loyalty is everything as you get older.
  4. Stress is important to push you on, but don't let it overcome you. Think of the bigger picture. 
  5. Don't overt hink. Just enjoy...

Now first week back at work is over, I'm feeling positive and excited. Not overly excited at turning 25 next month, but hey what you gonna do. PARTY - that's what!

Happy New Year!