22 February 2016

The Rosefield Watch

The Nolita - Rosefield Watches

I celebrated my 25th birthday recently and was so pleased to unwrap one of these! I discovered the brand randomly on Instagram and fell in love with their simplistic yet uber-stylish designs. The 'Nolita', as this once is named, is inspired by the trendiest little neighbourhood in NYC. It combines a full black watch face with bold coloured straps, for a quirky style with a sporty twist.

I don't know anyone else with a Rosefield Watch and would like to keep it that way, but with such reasonable prices I feel like you all need to check them out. Visit their website here...you also get free UK shipping!


  1. Wow, honestly I'm not normally into watches, but this one is gorgeous! So stylish and elegant, and I just adore the colour. <3 You have a lovely blog; followed you on bloglovin'!


  2. I've been loving Rosefield lately too - I've put it on my wishlist and I'm 99% sure my mum's secretly planning to get me one for my 20th this July (she's not the best at hiding browser history or tech stuff haha)! I love that here in Australia they're 'appreciated' but everyone has watches from 'The Fifth' which is so similar but less colour selection and more expensive, so it'll be nice to have something special! I love your blog by the way, I'm studying PR so hopefully one day I'll also be a PR girl :) Can't wait to see more from you x


    x Chontelle

  3. Wow I love the design of this watch it's very unique and would look great with everything x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

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